Book Three: Part 2 Herobrine’s Message

By (author) Wolfe Sean Fay
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By (author) Wolfe Sean Fay
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The final instalment of the Elementia Chronicles: an unofficial MINECRAFT-fan adventure series, inspired by the bestselling game.


The final instalment of the Elementia Chronicles: an unofficial MINECRAFT-fan adventure series, inspired by the bestselling game.

It’s the Republic’s darkest hour. The Noctem Alliance, under the command of the ruthless Lord Tenebris, has finally conquered the entire server of Elementia. The citizens of Element City are forced to hide underground and although President Stan has re-united with his friends, the relentless Elite Legion of Mobhunters are still in hot pursuit. Lord Tenebris is drawing more and more power from the server and his actions threaten to create a devastating glitch that could destroy Minecraft forever. Time is running out. Will President Stan be able to defeat the evil demon before it’s too late?

Disclaimer: This book is not authorized, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other person or entity owning or controlling any rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights. Minecraft is a registered trademark of Mojang Synergies AB.

Biographical note

Sean Fay Wolfe was 16 years old when he finished Quest for Justice, the first book of The Elementia Chronicles trilogy; and 17 when he finished the second book. He is an avid Minecraft player and loves creating action adventure tales in its endlessly creative virtual world. Sean lives with his mother, father, grandmother, two brothers, three cats, and a little white dog named Lucky.


• MINECRAFT is a gaming sensation. The game has broken 12 Guinness World Records and sold nearly 60 million copies worldwide.

• The Elementia Chronicles (1) — QUEST FOR JUSTICE is the debut novel by 17-year-old MINECRAFT super fan, Sean Fay Wolfe

• Book 1 was originally self-published in January 2014 and received more than 50 5* reviews on Amazon

• Boy and girl appeal: boys and girls alike will find this fast-paced, humorous read appealing as strong female characters are as kick-ass as the boys!

• Book 2: The Elementia Chronicles (2) — THE NEW ORDER coming October 2015

• Book 3: The Elementia Chronicles (3) — HEROBRINE’S MESSAGE coming January 2016

Plus d'infos
Auteur By (author) Wolfe Sean Fay
Date de publication 7 avr. 2016
EAN 9780008173586
Contributeurs Wolfe Sean Fay
Éditeur Harpercollins
Langues Anglais
Pays de Publication Royaume-Uni
Largeur 129 mm
Hauteur 198 mm
Epaisseur 30 mm
Format du Produit Couverture souple
Audience De 9 à 12
Disponible à Global
Poids 0.310000
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