By (author) Cole Carian
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By (author) Cole Carian
I had no idea my saviour would come as a scarred recluse, covered in tattoos, who can't-or won't-speak a word. Nevertheless, the moment our eyes met I knew he was the one.? My prince. With his bare hands, he killed the monster who kept me captive. But people have a way of distorting the truth when the hero looks like a villain. As it turns out, Tyler Grace is many things: A myth. An outcast. A nightmare. Haunted by tragedy, he lives secluded in the forest. Some say they see him ride through town at night-straddling a black motorcycle, his face covered by a skeletal mask. I've been warned to stay away, yet I can't stop thinking about him. I ache to hear his voice. And I want nothing more than to break through his walls. I know he's the only one who can break through mine. Do we dare dream of a love that once felt impossible to find? Or will only our horrible, twisted past tie us together??Fans of angsty romance from Lauren Asher and Mia Sheridan will be hooked by this emotional novel following two broken souls connected by a dark, haunting past.
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Author By (author) Cole Carian
Date Of Publication May 16, 2024
EAN 9781538766002
Contributors Cole Carian
Publisher Little, Brown & Company
Languages English
Country of Publication United States
Width 133 mm
Height 203 mm
Product Forms Paperback / Softback
Availability in Stores Sin El-Fil, Achrafieh, ABC Dbayeh, Hazmiyeh, Metro Mall, Hamra, ABC Verdun, Tripoli Square, ABC Achrafieh, Global
Weight 0.400000
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