The Science Of Spin (the Force Behind Everything – From Falling Cats To Jet Engines)

By (author) Ennos Roland
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By (author) Ennos Roland
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It’s time to stop thinking in straight lines…


Why exactly is the Earth round?

How is it that boomerangs can turn in mid-air?

And why do cats always land on their feet?

From the solar system to spinning tops; hurricanes to hula hoops; powerplants to pendulums, one mysterious force shapes almost every aspect of our lives. A force which, despite its ubiquity, continues to confound, baffle and surprise.

Artfully moving between astrophysics and anthropology, The Science of Spin provides a sweeping journey through space and time, from the creation of the Earth to the advent of the ‘fidget spinner’. Charting the development of engineering and technology from the earliest prehistoric drills to the turbine engine, critically acclaimed author and scientist Roland Ennos presents a riveting account of human ingenuity and the seemingly infinite ways spin affects our daily lives.

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''This is a wonderfully fascinating book with answers to so many everyday questions you never knew you needed to know. The explanations are lucid and so clear that the one thing it doesn’t do is cause your head to spin.''

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''An original and highly engaging insight into how our universe works, encompassing black holes, the cotton mills of the industrial revolution, the biomechanics of walking and more!''

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Roland Ennos is a visiting professor of biological sciences at the University of Hull. His previous books include The Wood Age: How Wood Shaped the Whole of Human History and Trees: A Complete Guide to their Biology and Structure. He lives in Hull.

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It’s time to stop thinking in straight lines…
A fascinating exploration of how spin, or rotational motion, shapes our world. Provides clear, intuitive explanations of bizarre physical phenomena. Delves into the storied history of human innovation and examines how we have exploited spin through the centuries.
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Author By (author) Ennos Roland
Date Of Publication Sep 14, 2023
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