Practice Makes Perfect Arabic Pronouns And Prepositions

By (author) Haidar Otared
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By (author) Haidar Otared
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Suitable for advanced beginning to intermediate-level learners, this title helps you to grasp Arabic pronoun and preposition usage; review and compare different types of pronouns and prepositions; and build your language skills with hundreds of exercises. It provides the tools you need to learn Arabic pronouns and prepositions.
Master Arabic pronouns and prepositions quickly and easily

The only way to build your skills in a second language is to practice, practice, practice. Following the successful Practice Makes Perfect approach, this book gives you clear explanations and all the tools you need to learn Arabic pronouns and prepositions. A valuable resource for advanced beginning– to intermediate-level Arabic learners, Practice Makes Perfect: ArabicPronouns and Prepositions enables you to:

  • Successfully grasp Arabic pronoun and preposition usage
  • Review and compare different types of pronouns and prepositions
  • Build your language skills with hundreds of exercises

With the help of many everyday examples, this book takes the mystery out of pronouns and prepositions and gets you on your way to communicating in Arabic with confidence!

Master these key topics and boost your Arabic language skills:
Possessive pronouns * Subject pronouns * Demonstrative pronouns * Separate and inseparable pronouns * Prepositional phrases

Table of contents
PART I Pronouns
1. Subject Pronouns and Implied Subject Pronouns
2. Object Pronouns
3. Possessive Pronouns
4. Prepositional Pronouns
PART II Prepositions
5. Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases
6. Key Types of Prepositional Phrases
7. Single Prepositions
8. Combined Prepositions
9. Adverbial Prepositions
Part III Articles Categorized in English as Pronouns or Prepositions
10. Articles, Particles and Conjunctions
11. Demonstrative Articles
12. Relative Pronouns

Biographical note

Otared Haidar, PhD, Mst, PGDip, DPhil, (Oxon), specializes in Arabic and comparative literature and has taught Arabic language and literature at many institutions. She is a full faculty member in the Islamic World and the Middle East at the Faculty of the Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, where she teaches Arabic and Arabic Media.

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Author By (author) Haidar Otared
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