Means Of Transport That Did Not Change The World

Velcovsky, Tom; Sekaninova, Stepanka; Sodomka Martin
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By (author) Velcovsky, Tom; By (author) Sekaninova, Stepanka; Illustrated by Sodomka Martin

Realistic illustrations accompany the stories behind various more or less peculiar vehicles that were invented but in the end, they did not make the cut.

We all travel sometimes—by car, by public transport, or by plane. But there are some means of transport that we will never be able to use. Let’s open this book and learn how come we don’t travel in flying cars, why trains don’t ride on a single rail, or why there are no life-size remote control cars.

You’re about to be flooded with infamous ideas, prototypes, and crazy attempts at coming up with something new over the course of the last century. The means of transport presented in this book may have not led to a technological revolution but did help us progress. After all, people learn from their mistakes.

Table of contents
Moving Walkway
Brennan''s Monorail
RMS Olympic
Junkers J1000
Dornier Do X
Socovel 1942 Electric Motorcycle
Hafner Rotabuggy
Model 118 Convaircar
Moto Major
Bristol Brabazon
GM Firebird
Convair XFY Pogo
Flying Platform and The Rocket Belt
Fairey Rotodyne
Avro Canada VZ-9 AV Avrocar
NS Savannah
Dodge Deora
M-497 Turbojet Train
Ema 1
Boeing vs Concorde
Mercedes-Benz ESF 05
The Dale Car
Citroën Karin
Folding Scooter
Lun-Class Ekranoplan
Kineo 27
Peugeot Moovie
Biographical note
Tom Velcovsky is a graduate in Audiovisual Production from the Silesian University in Opava, Czechia, where he specialized in screenwriting and storyboards. Before switching to children’s books and the making of comic strips, he worked in advertising.

Stepanka Sekaninova used to work as a TV reporter and in the production of children’s programs. Now she is a writer and a editor-in-chief, living in the Czech Republic.

Martin Sodomka was born in 1968 and he studied at the Department of Industrial Design Management. His first job was as a design engineer. In 1993 he founded a graphics studio. In 2012 he published, at his own expense, How to Build a Car, the first book in the Technical Tales series; this book was inspired by his restoration of a classic car (1963 Škoda Octavia). This book became an immediate bestseller and was translated into ten languages. Martin Sodomka is married with two children.

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Short description/annotation for collection
Fantastic and marvellous vehicles and machines that changed or could have changed the world.
More Information
Date Of Publication Aug 17, 2023
EAN 9788000068459
Contributors Velcovsky, Tom; Sekaninova, Stepanka; Sodomka Martin
Publisher Albatros Nakladatelstvi As
Languages English
Country of Publication United States
Width 218 mm
Height 269 mm
Product Forms Hardback
Audience Age 13+, 16+
Availability in Stores Sin El-Fil, ABC Dbayeh, Hazmiyeh, Hamra, ABC Verdun, Tripoli Square, ABC Achrafieh, Global
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