Going On Offense (a Leader’s Playbook For Perpetual Innovation)

Tabrizi, Behnam
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By (author) Tabrizi, Behnam

How do the most innovative and agile companies develop a “winning mindset” that runs throughout the entire organization?

Going on Offense is a powerful resource for anyone looking to transform their organization or themselves, exploring the key ingredients that fuel the mindset of companies dedicated to perpetual innovation and relentless experimentation. Based on a comprehensive seven-year study from Stanford University, Going on Offense provides an insider view into the transformative drivers of success displayed in 26 innovative organizations—including industry giants like Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks—along with actionable advice on how to replicate this transformation.

Explore the challenges of once-innovative tech giants like Facebook and Google and the factors behind their transition to complacent and stagnant organizations. Delve into the reasons behind an organization''s decline through in-depth analysis and real-world examples. Going on Offense analyzes these cases and offers practical solutions for companies and individuals looking to transform to a winning mindset.

Written by world-renowned expert in transformation, bestselling author, and award-winning teacher, scholar, and global advisor, Behnam Tabrizi, Going on Offense is a must-read for any organization looking to stay innovative and competitive in today''s rapidly changing market. Armed with this book, a company will be able to go on offense—continually improving its culture, adapting to new environments, and expanding into new territories.

Biographical note
Behnam Tabrizi is a world-renowned expert in Transformation, best-selling author, and an award-winning teacher, scholar and global advisor. He has served on the teaching faculty of Organizational Transformation at Stanford University and its executive programs for the past 25 years. He is the author of nine books on leading innovation and transformation, and served as an advisor to many large global companies, the U.S. President, and governmental agencies. Dr. Tabrizi has helped thousands of CEOs and leaders in high-tech (Including Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft), banking and finance, retail, healthcare, etc. plan, mobilize, and implement transformational initiatives that have elevated organizational performance and created unprecedented results. His latest book, "The Inside-Out Effect: A Practical Guide to Transformational Leadership", is an international bestseller and was featured in 2014 on The Washington Post website as Leadership Book of the Week reaching 10.4 million readers. His “Rapid Transformation” book, published by Harvard Business Review Press, was picked by Business Insider as the #1 book on leadership and has sold over million copies worldwide. Tabrizi’s research with McKinsey & Co. on more than 100 global companies on “Accelerating Agile Innovation & Transformation” was featured in Economist, Financial Times, Forbes, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post, and the San Jose Mercury News as a “pioneering work.” He also has also been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Financial Times, and C-SPAN regarding his work on transformation. Dr. Tabrizi has served on the boards of Clever Sense (recently sold to Google), WebMBO (merged with Realm Corp.), Catapult Ventures, and has held positions at the Harvard Business School and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Dr. Tabrizi received a B.S. in computer science, summa cum laude, and then earned a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Illinois-Urbana. He earned M.S. degree in engineering management and a doctorate in strategy, organizations and digital transformation from Stanford University.
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Date Of Publication Oct 24, 2023
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