Absolutely Everything! Revised And Expanded (a History Of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots And Other Things Too Numerous To Mention)

Lloyd, Christopher; Forshaw Andy
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By (author) Lloyd, Christopher; Illustrated by Forshaw Andy
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The most remarkable true stories of all time and around the world brought vividly to life – from the Big Bang right up to the present day.


Embark on a journey across millennia and around the world, from the latest understanding of the origins of the universe, the birth of the Earth, the very first life, the age of dinosaurs, the rise of humans, ancient civilizations, colonialism, wars, technology, everyday life, global struggles for freedom and equality, pandemics – and much more. Eye-catching and informative illustrations and photographs throughout join with author Christopher Lloyd’s engaging narrative to bring to life the most remarkable true stories of all time. The 2nd edition is revised for fuller global coverage and updated with the latest research, as well as with events that have occurred since the first edition. The design has received a fresh treatment and many new photographs have been included. 

Table of contents



Chapter 1

Nothing to Something

13.8 billion–450 million years ago

The beginning of the universe, life and everything


Chapter 2

Land Ahoy

480 million–252 million years ago

Creatures wriggle out of the seas and forests cover the land


Chapter 3

Dinosaurs to Apes

252 million–6 million years ago

Terrible lizards and what comes after


Chapter 4

Hands Free

5 million–12,000 years ago

Walking apes to migrating humans


Chapter 5

Seeds of Change

38,000 BCE to 2000 BCE

Farming, writing and trade


Chapter 6

Cities and Civilizations Everywhere

3300 BCE to 1200 BCE

Complex societies emerge around the world


Chapter 7

The Rise of Religions

30,000 years ago to 100 CE

Spiritual life blooms


Chapter 8

New Ideas Abound

1400 BCE to 200 BCE

Democracy, Science, and Philosophy


Chapter 9

Christianity and Islam Make their Mark

30–1000 CE

Cultures collide and fuse, building the world we know today


Chapter 10


800–1280 CE

Inventions, Climate and the Struggle for Power


Chapter 11

The Global Middle Ages


Rich cultures around the world


Chapter 12

Colonialism takes off


One person’s miracle is another’s disaster


Chapter 13

Revolutions All Around


Science, Freedom and Robots


Chapter 14

World at War


When everyone was fighting everyone else


Chapter 15

Marching Towards the Millennium


The Cold War, Human Rights, and the Dawn of the Digital Age


Chapter 16

To Be Continued…

2000–the present

Plastics, viruses and finding our way to a bright future

Biographical note

Christopher Lloyd began his career as a journalist with the Sunday Times newspaper. Then, one day, he had a realisation: even with a 1st class degree in history from Cambridge University and experience as a science writer, there was so much about the world he didn’t know. So, he set out to write a book that showed how seemingly unrelated events fit together. After his adult world history book What on Earth Happened? sold 500,000 copies around the world, Chris set out to tell the story to children. Absolutely Everything is the result. Chris lives in Tonbridge, Kent, with his wife and two adorable terriers.


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Date Of Publication Oct 5, 2023
EAN 9781804660751
Contributors Lloyd, Christopher; Forshaw Andy
Publisher What On Earth Publishing Ltd
Languages English
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Width 184 mm
Height 248 mm
Product Forms Hardback
Audience Age From 9 to 12, 13+
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