Umbrella Dinosaurs Small Size

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With the djeco dinosaur umbrella, walking in the rain will be a fun experience for your child.This colorful umbrella is a great accessory for little adventurers aged 3 and up. Withe a size of55*68cm. this umbrella offers a generous coverage to prorect your child from rain.The fiberglass structure makes the umbrella flexible and durble,allowing it to withstand the elements.Whether it's raining or windy, this umbrlla will remain stable and reliable. The manual opening of the umbrella is easy to use and has a protection systeme that prevents fingers from getting yo can rest assured that your chold is safe and secure.The umbrella dinosaur brings color and fun to the rainy day. your child will love holding the umbrella like the big ones and will be amazed by the volorful dinosaur motifs.
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