Umbrella Animals Of The Forest Small Size

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Let's go for a walk in the forest in the rain! With its small size and very flared shape, this chic and practical umbrella is suitable for the little ones, from 3 years old! What a pleasure to hold your umbrella like the grown-ups! Its manual opening with a protection system allows the child to open and close it without pinching their fingers. A colorful accessory, ideal for brightening up outings in the rain! Open dimensions: 55 x 68 cm in diameter. Contents: 1 transparent plastic umbrella, textile finish, structure with 8 fiberglass ribs, manual opening with protection system and a matte plastic handle.
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EAN 3070900047259
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علامة تجارية DJECO
متوفر في فروعنا سن الفيل, Metro Mall, الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت , Tripoli Square, بيروت - IC, Global
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