The Colours Brush Pens Sets 24 Pcs

٣٬٠٧٢٬٦٠٠ LBP
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With this case, young children can discover the technique of colouring with a brush marker, thanks to its wide range of colours! The wide body of the felt pens makes them easy for children to hold. The combination of an ultra-pigmented ink and a flexible tip makes colouring easier, ensuring colourful results! A great gift for budding young artists! Customisable case with an illustrated design on both sides to colour in. A wide range of colours available in 24 different shades. Highly pigmented felt tip pens. Washable ink.
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EAN 3070900087958
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علامة تجارية DJECO
متوفر في فروعنا سن الفيل, الأشرفية, ضبية ABC, الحازمية, Metro Mall, الحمرا, فردان ABC , Tripoli Square, أشرفية ABC , Global
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