Nectar Of The Wicked (deadly Divine Book 1)

By (author) Ella Fields
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By (author) Ella Fields
'Sizzling' RAVEN KENNEDYA Court of Thorns and Roses meets Rapunzel in this spicy romantasy by bestselling author Ella Fields!'Forget morally grey - this is pitch black' NISHA J. TULIFor twenty years, I've been an unwanted changeling. I have no name, no family, and no answers. Until an irresistibly wicked faerie begins a seductive game of cat and mouse. I am his prey. His treasure. A perfect pet. He offers a trade: he will take me to the faerie realms to help me find the truth of who I am. In return, I must agree to marry him. But nothing as it seems, and soon after arriving at his wintry manor, I begin to unravel a dangerous web of lies. Far deadlier still, I'm falling in love with a monster who has no heart. FEATURED TROPES: Enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience, fated mates, spicy, erotic, unhappily-ever-after, cliffhanger ending! 'One of my favourite fantasy auto-buy fantasy authors. There's not a single fantasy book she's written that I didn't love!' Goodreads review ????? 'This is my third Ella Fields novel and I am pleased to say that once again, I am obsessed' Goodreads review ????? 'Ella Fields coming in HOT, once again, with a release that solidifies her as my queen of filthy, smutty, plot-heavy romantasies' Goodreads review ?????
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الؤلف By (author) Ella Fields
تاريخ النشر ٢٣ مايو ٢٠٢٤ م
EAN 9781399731829
المساهمون Ella Fields
الناشر Hodder & Stoughton
اللغة الإنجليزية
بلد النشر المملكة المتحدة
العرض 129 mm
ارتفاع 198 mm
شكل المنتج غلاف ورقي / غلاف عادي
متوفر في فروعنا سن الفيل, الأشرفية, ضبية ABC, الحازمية, Metro Mall, الحمرا, فردان ABC , Tripoli Square, أشرفية ABC , Global
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