In A Dream Gouache Workshop 20x20cm Inspired By Marc Chagall

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يتم شحنها بين 2 و 4 أيام
A painting activity with illustrations inspired by the style of the great surrealist master, Marc Chagall. Children add colours stroke by stroke, layering them to reveal the secrets of these characters floating in the air. An introduction to the work of Marc Chagall. A contemporary illustrator’s interpretation of the great master’s work. Up to 99 years old – you can immerse yourself in the world of art at any age! Contents: 4 illustrated cards (20 x 20 cm), 1 palette containing 8 gouache paints, 1 brush, 1 colour step-by-step instructions booklet. Highly pigmented, vibrantly-coloured gouache paint. A gouache that cleans easily off skin or clothing. The explanatory booklet gives information about the artist and the artistic movement to which they belong. The booklet provides detailed step-by-step instructions. FSC® certified paper and card. Suitable from 7 years. Warning! Not suitable for children under three years, choking hazard due to small parts.
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