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      Mr rabbit & lovely present pb

      by Charlotte Zolotow
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: HarperCollins
      • Publishing date: 12/10/1977
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780064430203
      • ISBN: 0064430200


      Any collaborative effort by the esteemed Charlotte Zolotow and the illustrious Maurice Sendak is bound to be a success. These beloved creators of countless children's favorites outdo themselves with this 1963 Caldecott Honor-winning classic about a little girl in need of assistance. Finding a birthday present for her mother is no easy task for our heroine. Luckily, she happens upon the avuncular Mr. Rabbit, whose heart is in the right place, even if he doesn't always have the best ideas. Ultimately, his suggestions do come in handy, and between the two of them they determine the ideal birthday tribute: the gift of color. Children will join the protagonists in contemplating how to make the abstract tangible, and all readers will be delighted to see yellow translate to bananas, as green is given in pears, and blue takes the shape of grapes.

      The soft, muted colors of Sendak's illustrations are reminiscent of a Monet landscape--utterly appealing and dreamy. And the reflective, sing-song dialogue between Mr. Rabbit and the girl is as deliciously lulling as a shady swing in a hammock. This quiet, peaceful book is a treasure for any shelf. (Ages 4 to 8)

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      • Skip this rabbit
        From Amazon

        Can't understand the rave reviews for this repetitive book, the dialogue of which makes kids tune out, and adults cringe. It's ok if you skip most of the text, esp the "said Mr Rabbit" and "said the little girl" and paraphrase so try it at the library before buying it.

      • A bedtime story that will have colors dancing in your head
        From Amazon

        This is a very nice bedtime fantasy that teaches the names of the colors and pairs them with real things such as Pears and the color green. Mr. Rabbit makes a great imaginary friend and develops into a very lovable character as the storyline progresses. I don't like the fact that the main character besides the rabbit (the little girl) is not given a name. It is hard for children to relate with a nameless character. I also felt like meeting her mom at the end of the story would have added so much to it. The book should have included the little girl giving the birthday present to her mom and her mom being so excited and grateful for it. Possibly sharing a piece of fruit with her daughter and Mr. Rabbit would have made "mom" an embraceable character. I see these ideas as lost opportunities that could have made this story a more memorable nightly choice for bedtime reading. The illustrations are simple, yet colorful. I do like the storyline and the use of real world items to teach children their colors. Overall, this should be a highly recommended children's book for early readers as well as a bedtime book for infants and toddlers.

      • Enchanting Children's Book
        From Amazon

        I love this book! It is a sweet story with enchanting pictures. I have used it to review color words with my young students.

      • What a wonderful surprise!
        From Amazon

        I had never even heard of this book until I stumbled upon it at the library. This book can be only be described by plucking a word right from the title and thats "LOVELY". My daughter could not get enough of it! The conversations between Mr. Rabbit and the little girl are simply so realistic I'm almost shocked cause I found myself wrapped up in it as well. It is too cute! The only negative observation I have is my daughter found Mr. Rabbit a little creepy but Maurice Sendak has a slight darkness to him so maybe thats it. Don't let that stop you from buying this though!

      • Endearing Story, Beautiful Artistry
        From Amazon

        I had originally given this book a 4 star review, but in hindsight, I think it deserves 5. (The site wouldn't allow me to edit my star rating- sorry). This is a book that I would like to have discovered earlier, but my four year old boy enjoys it anyway, and I would gladly add it to our family library. A 2 or 3 year-old would easily appreciate this story as well. Both the author and illustrator are accomplished and well respected, and the proof is in reading it to a child. Children love the idea that they can converse with the animals, and Mr. Rabbit and The Lovely Present all but makes it seem possible to the reader. A valuable life lesson is well taken from a well meaning and sympathetic rabbit, in a young girl's search for great gift ideas for her mother. A tiny bit redundant from a grown-up's point of view, but the audience gets the bigger vote (children love repetitive stories and gain much from them). I'm hoping that demand will bring this book back to the printers for the next generation of readers, Especially considering the copyright date (1962). Judging from the illustrations, I would have placed it somewhere in the early 30's 40's. This book must have been very popular in the sixties with parents looking for wholesome stories and rich, high quality artwork for their children.

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