: Higurashi when they cry: v. 2: curse killing arc (9780759529885) : Ryukishi07, Jiro Suzuki : Books

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      Antoine Online

      Higurashi when they cry: v. 2: curse killing arc

      by Ryukishi07, Jiro Suzuki
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Yen Press
      • Publishing date: 23/02/2010
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780759529885
      • ISBN: 0759529884


      Keiichi is relieved when Satoko returns to school after an unexplained three-day absence, but the little girl is not her usual cheery self. It seems her uncle has returned, and Satoko is once again at his mercy. Keiichi is furious at his friends' reluctance to step in and help her, but until there's definitive proof of her uncle's abuses, there's nothing they can do. Unwilling to accept inaction, Keiichi plots to end the abuse once and for all. On the night of the Cotton Drifting, blood will be spilled once more...

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      • One of the saddest arcs of the Higurashi saga...
        From Amazon

        As a fan of the Higurashi series, I knew that eventually this arc would show up in manga format. This arc focuses around Satoko, revealing more information about her, her past & her tragic circumstances. The "Curse Killing" arc is the saddest part of the series, so I'll warn potential readers- this arc will pluck at your heartstrings. This arc starts off as the previous ones do- the fateful summer seems to have been reset, with no memory of what happened before. Keiichi Maebara still falls for Satoko's traps & seemingly has an antagonistic relationship with her. However Rika alerts him to some of her past, telling him that underneath her playful exterior lies a young girl who has been through a lot & is ultimately very lonely. Keiichi tries his best to befriend Satoko, but as things always are in Hinamizawa, things always end tragically for someone... I enjoyed this volume & I'm looking forward to the next one coming out. This volume gives a lot of info on Satoko & I liked her interaction with Keiichi. I love the artwork in this series- it's so nice looking & you can tell that the artists really loved working on it. Again, I'll warn readers that this will be a very hard arc to read compared to the previous volumes because the drama & trauma is in a different tone than what has come before. I'd say more, but I don't want to spoil it! This is the next to last arc of the original question arcs of the game series, so I can guarantee any newbies to the series that eventually things will start getting explained & you'll be very satisfied with the outcome! EDIT: Since amazon has posted this review on the 2nd volume of this arc, I am unable to post an actual review of the 2nd volume. See my comments for the review of the 2nd volume of this series.

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