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      Antoine Online

      Guilty pleasures mm

      by Laura Lee Guhrke
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Avon
      • Publishing date: 01/2004
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780060541743
      • ISBN: 0060541741


      Every woman has her Guilty Pleasures ...

      For prim and shy Daphne Wade, the sweetest guiltypleasure of all is secretly watching her employer, the Duke of Tremore, as he works the excavation site on his English estate. Anthony hired Daphne to restore the priceless treasures he has been digging up, but it's hard for a woman to keep her mind on her work when her devastatingly handsome employer keeps taking his shirt off. He doesn't know she's alive, but who could blame her for falling hopelessly in love with him anyway?

      Anthony thinks that his capable employee knows all there is to know about antiquities, but when his sister decides to turn the plain young woman in gold-rimmed glasses into an enticing beauty, he declares the task to be impossible. Daphne is devastated when she overhears ... and determined to prove him wrong. Now a vibrant and delectable Daphne has emerged from her shell, and the tables are turned. Will Anthony see that the woman of his dreams has been right there all along?

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      • Delightful fun
        From Amazon

        What an enjoyable read! And so different than most of the historicals out there. Daphne has an eclectic childhood, tramping around Africa and the Mediterranean with her explorer/archeologist of a father. Anthony's childhood could not be any more different. From the tender age of twelve he became a duke, weighed down with tremendous responsibilities, with no time for silly things like travelling, no matter how much he longs for Rome and the Middle East. Daphne works on his estate repairing finds from an ancient Roman site on his property, and Daphne is so enamored with him she can barely carry on a conversation. When Daphne overhears Anthony telling his sister, Viola, that Daphne is as interesting as a stick insect on a twig she gets over her awe of him and gives him what fore. And apparently Anthony prefers abuse to awe. Anthony quickly sees her as a "person" instead of one of his multitude of servants and slowing but surely they form a friendship, despite his superiority of rank and her anger about the comments she overheard. What I liked so much about this book is that it's the heroine, and not the hero, who has gone out and seem the world and is a woman of great knowledge and experience, while the hero is the one who is tied to home. Also the realistic behavior of Anthony in the beginning was so refreshing. He was rude, arrogant, and selfish for the first third of the book, and by no means in a charming rakish way. He was an ass, and in reality men of his station would most likely have been jerks. After finishing the book, I found Daphne's early tongue tied regard slightly unbelievable, just because she is so frank and out spoken the rest of the book, and I can't believe it would really be in her character to act that way. Also I found the idea of Anthony taking over a vast majority of his father's ducal responsibilities at the tender age of nine more than a little implausible. But on the whole, this was an original, funny, and charming book, with likeable, if overly stubborn leads and the interesting twist of having a historic working woman being a scholar. Also I love how seriously Anthony takes his duty and responsibilities, a true gentleman. Light, fun and utterly charming. 5 stars.

      • Oh yeah...
        From Amazon

        OMG ladies, I haven't read a book this good in a long looonnnnggg time. This is the first I've read from Guhrke, and it for sure will not be the last.

      • A sweet read
        From Amazon

        I really enjoyed GP and really liked Anthony and Daphne together. It was nice to read a story where no one gets kidnapped and the only obstacles separating them was "real life" issues they had to resolve. The part of what the flowers mean and "buying more time" was a nice touch.

        From Amazon

        This author has tried to Write characters like Mr. Darcy (Duke Tremore) and Elizabeth (Daphne Wade)it went all wrong the Duke comes off as being WHIMPISH AND WHINNY and Daphne comes off as being Arrogant Stubborn and is described as Plain and Poor and He is described as being very Powerful Rich and Handsome Duke. The Roles should be reversed. The two personalities just don't work and the wording is simiular to Jane Austins Pride and Prejudice. Sorry the whole concept of this book didn't work. Even though this book is fiction, it should have had some accuracy and real factual bases and a DUKE OF THAT PERIOD JUST WOULD NOT ACT LIKE THAT!!!!

      • Great Romance
        From Amazon

        This is the story of an ugly duckling, Daphne Wade, who has, appropriately enough, a "guilty pleasure." She is head over heels in love with her employer, Anthony, the Duke of Tremore, who is excavating a dig on his estate for a museum he plans to open in a few months. She helps with the restoration and cataloging of the artifacts, and he doesn't know she exists. After I got over some initial difficulty actually getting into the story (it seemed so derivative at first, and I really didn't like the duke's matchmaking sister, but thankfully she soon bows out of the story,) this romance hit all the right notes with me. Even if it isn't that original, I loved watching Daphne and Anthony spar and fall in love, and it was great to see Daphne transform from a self-effacing, shy, infatuated girl into a woman who is honest with herself and knows what she wants. Though her transformation is rather abrupt - it literally happens over night - it was still believable, given the catalyst for her awakening. I liked that Anthony wasn't a typical rake - he's serious and responsible, but so sexy and fun at the same time. The only problem with Daphne is that she isn't *really* an ugly duckling at all. She just hides her beauty and true self with the magical uglifying power of spectacles and a "functional bun." Such a stereotype. So sigh worthy. Other than that, everything about this romance rang true for me, and I enjoyed every word of it.

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