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      by Donna Jo Napoli
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Simon Pulse
      • Publishing date: 01/08/2006
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780689861789
      • ISBN: 0689861788



      Bound to her late father's second wife and daughter. Bound to a life of servitude as a young girl in ancient China, where a woman is valued less than livestock. Bound to be alone, with no parents to arrange for a suitable husband. Xing Xing spends her days taking care of her half sister, Wei Ping, who cannot walk because of her foot bindings, the painful tradition for girls who are fit to be married. Even so, Xing Xing is content to practice her gift for poetry and calligraphy, and to dream of a life unbound by the laws of family and society.

      But all of this is about to change as Stepmother, who has spent nearly all of the family's money, grows desperate to find a husband for Wei Ping. Xing Xing soon realizes that this greed and desperation may threaten not only her memories of the past, but also her dreams for the future.

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      • Not Perfectly Bound
        From Amazon

        I freely admit my ignorance in Chinese history. What I do know is mostly gleened from Disney's Mulan, Katherine Patterson's novel (Rebels of the Heavenly Kingdom) and that which my coworkers at my job taught me for the Chinese New Year. My knowledge of the Cinderella tale, and its incarnations, is vastly larger however, but I had never come upon the Chinese tales (which according to the Postscript are some of the oldest known). I have mixed feelings for this book; on the one hand the story moves along at a good pace and you can see Xing Xing's life (how she is able to draw small comfort from just being called her name, how strongly she believes in the spirits of her father and mother, her stepmother's disdain) and you are given a very detailed accounting of what life would have been like back then. From Xing Xing's unwavering sense of duty to Wei Ping's selfishness and self-delusions and to Stepmother's (who is given no other name) obvious abuse of Xing Xing as a punishment for her husband caring for her more. My main concern was the quick way that Xing Xing gains her confidence (in herself and trusting the future). The book isn't very long, but up until the last quarter of the book she accepts her fate, does her best to make the most of things and doesn't resent anyone. Indeed if her Stepmother hadn't done something so heinous, I doubt she would have spoken up for herself at all. Which is a crying shame because Xing Xing in the last five pages is very interesting! The book however, like Napoli's other fairy tale retellings, offers a different look at what has been done to death. A fish as a 'fairy godmother', bibbity-boppity-boo indeed.

      • A disappointment
        From Amazon

        Though I love retellings of classic fairytales from foreign countries, I found Bound rather disappointing. Except for the rather gruesome "raccoon and cleaver" incident, this book was more than a little boring and the ending was unsatisfying with the princes sudden arrival in the last two pages of the book. Though I generally like Napoli, I am sorry to say that this was not my favorite of her novels.

      • Chinese Cinderella?
        From Amazon

        I think that this book is great. It follows the main story line of the classic Cinderella... but not so sugar coated. Fourteen year old Xing Xing struggles to live a normal life. Her mother and father are both dead, and now she has to suffer through life with her horrible stepmother and stepsister. She is forced to do tasks such as chop wood and clean all day, while her stepmother and stepsister go have fun in town. Xing Xing's only friends are a pet raccoon and a goldfish, and at one point, she comes to believe that the goldfish is actually a reincarnation of her mother! When the 'evil stepmother' knows Xing Xing grows emotionally attatched to the fish, you really begin to hate her. I think this book is entertaining but can also depict Cinderella in a much different way. I love how instead of the classic fairy tale, Napoli makes it much more. This book is a quick read for anyone curious about Cinderella, Chinese, or both!

      • nice, quick read
        From Amazon

        Bound is a quick read. It let's you see into a culture that I had little or no understanding. Found it fascinating that the Chinese had a Cinderella story too, before Westerners.

      • A great story
        From Amazon

        I sat down and read this book in about 3 hours. It was a beautiful tale.

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