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      Antoine Online

      Bleach profiles

      by Tite Kubo
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
      • Publishing date: 18/11/2008
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9781421520537
      • ISBN: 1421520532


      Get the inside scoop on Bleach! This profile books contains extensive information on the characters and story lines from Bleach vols. 1-22. It also includes exclusive stickers, a poster, bonus manga, the original Bleach one shot, and an interview with Tite Kubo! Come explore the world of Bleach!

      Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts--he was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow--a malevolent lost soul--Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits themselves find peace. Find out why Tite Kubo's Bleach has become an international manga smash-hit!

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      • A great guide to a universe of numerous characters and names!
        From Amazon

        The Official Character Book to Bleach is a nice buy for fans of the manga as well as the anime. I myself only own a few manga volumes (Tankbon) as I'd rather watch the story instead of reading it. If I hear the anime follows the manga, then I am usually in favor of that anime, because I think there is a lot one can miss when just reading the story via the manga. This book, done in manga style, reads left to right, actually has some of the Bleach panels inside, and the overall book gives a run down of the first 21 volumes of Bleach. There are two main styles, as I have grown to call them) in this book. The first is a character profile, which shows a drawing of that character and other information such as birthday and their zanpaku-to's name. Some characters like Ichigo appear many times throughout the book. Secondly, some of the pages have a black background with white writing, and instead of focusing on characters it will focus on parts of the story instead. If you are a big fan of the anime like myself then I would recommend getting this book. Now that the first three uncut box sets are out, that follows the first 21 manga volumes, then this book will act as a guide. You could read this book along with watching the episodes to help fill in any information you may have missed while watching the anime. Or you could read this book after watching the first three box sets, like I did, to help refresh all that had happened. I was quit surprised that I did miss a lot of things in the anime that I got out of this book! Another reason why I recommend this to fans of the anime is because there is a lot of stuff that happens in Bleach! You have the main characters, and then you have all the 12 Captains and even a lot of members of the squads that make it into the storyline. That is a lot of people to remember! When the story leads into special moves, like kido spells, and zanpaku-to names, it's easy to forget which character can perform which move (especially gets complicated with bankai!)! One more thing that this book has helped me with is the actual names of the people. Some other animes that I have watched (like Naruto and DBZ) have easy names to remember. The names in Bleach, to me at least, seem harder to pronounce and to remember. So if I was reading this book I would definitely get tripped up on a lot of the names, but after watching the anime and then reading this book, I can almost fly through the 300+ pages with ease. Overall this Bleach Character Guide is well done. Besides getting a refresher (and really if you haven't read the manga or watched the anime buying this book would be pointless), the book also has other short stories, guides to kido spells, an interview with creator Tite Kubo, as well as a poster (that is actually kind of hard to get out of the book!) and stickers! If you're a fan of the anime and or manga, shill out the cash to get this - you won't regret it!

      • Get it if you're a Bleach Fan
        From Amazon

        I bought this book after buying Naruto: The Official Fanbook (Shonen Jump Profiles), which is awesome for Naruto fans by the way. The Bleach book was a little disappointing, it kind of just sums up the anime (and gives a peak into the future; which now is the present in the American anime). There's still a bunch of weird info and tidbits in it (like birthdays for EVERY character) which are fun to read. The price on Amazon makes this a must for fans but don't go out and buy it at a bookstore at full price!

      • True fans of Bleach will only know two thirds of the info described
        From Amazon

        An amazing guidebook. It contains synopsises of every episode up to 64, I think (there's another book that will be coming out for more episodes) and also contains detailed character & division profiles that mention little stuff like birthdays, favorites, and hobbies. It also contains interviews and little comics. But the best part was definitely the first drafts of the beginning of Bleach, with different plots. Interesting, but Tite Kubo always is. Although not necessary, if really like bleach (which you must) then obviously buy...

      • Great Gift for a Bleach Lover, or a gift to your own self!
        From Amazon

        If you are a Bleach aficionado like myself, then you should definitely get this book! It contains stickers and a mini poster featuring Ichigo and Renji on Bankai form. Not only that, but this is THE book of information regarding Bleach. I really recommend this books for any Bleach fan out there that wants not only to enlarge their own Bleach Collection(like myself) but know more about our all time favorite shinigami heroes! Recommended!

      • Printed right-to-left in order to keep the integrity of its "unflipped art"
        From Amazon

        Printed right-to-left (in order to keep the integrity of its "unflipped art") and in black-and-white (with a handful of color pages and a bonus set of color stickers and mini-poster), Bleach Official Character Book Souls is not a graphic novel per se, but rather a companion volume to the action-packed, wildly popular "Bleach" manga and anime series about "Soul Reapers", guardians who escort human souls to their destination, battle evil spirits, and maintain balance in the spirit realm. Packed with exhaustive information on the characters, storyline summaries of "Bleach" volumes 1-21, a bonus manga story, the original "Bleach" one shot, and an interview with Tite Kubo, Bleach Official Character Book Souls is a "must-have" for any serious collector of the series and the perfect catch-up guide for anyone just getting into the latest "Bleach" manga or anime episodes.

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