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      Antoine Online

      Cat returns v1

      by Aoi Hiiragi
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
      • Publishing date: 13/04/2005
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9781591169567
      • ISBN: 1591169569


      When awkward schoolgirl Haru rescues a cat on her way home from school one day, the last thing she expects in return is to be honored by a feline royal family!

      Before she knows what's happening to her, Haru is drawn into a world inhabited entirely by talking cats and recruited to be the next Cat Princess! Only the dapper cat Baron and his friends, a magical crow and a comical fat cat, along with a friend from Haru's past, can help her return home.

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      • Baron, The Cat Returns
        From Amazon

        Poor Haru starts off the day late for class and finds out the boy she likes already has a girlfriend. To top it all off it turns out the cats she saving from being hit by a truck is really the prince of cats and his father will stop at nothing to repay Haru for her heroic deed even if it means dragging her to the cats kingdom to be married to the prince himself. What is a girl to do? Having seen the animated film (which I LOVED) before even knowing about this book I was a bit surprised to see it on the bookshelf of my local bookstore. So naturally, I picked up a copy of this book. Most of the time, if I should read a book and watch the movie based on said book I tend to prefer the book over the movie. That wasn't the case this time as the book seemed to lack some of the whimsy and details the movie had. Not to say that the book is bad in the least. The book is actually very cute and enjoyable. I've read it several times over now and a few times with my niece who had watched the film with me and loved it as well. There are a few things in the book that were left out of the movie and a few things that tht emovie seemed to just add on (as per usual in these cases). I keep cracking up at the part with Muta throwing Haru up the tower (the "I'm gonna toss ya!" line always gets me; wish it was in the film). There's even a little story at the end about the Cat King...though it gets cut off before in even begins. The artwork is clean and the style reminds me of my childhood books or classic cartoon films. All in all if you are like me and love to collect both the book and the film or are looking for a nice oneshot manga/comic book to read than this is a good choice. It's suitable for children and adults.

      • If you liked the movie, you'll love the book.
        From Amazon

        The book (as always) is a lot better then the movie. The movie took the plot of the story, but changed many things, and left out many parts. This book is really good, and a must for Cat returns fans.

      • My daughter loved this manga!
        From Amazon

        Thanks to the book, my daughter now loves manga. I got it as a companion to the movie "The Cat Returns." I also used it as an opportunity to explain to her how storyboarding works in making films. My daughter has always been interested in cartooning, storyboarding, and now manga too! This is a great book, espcially if your children have seen the film, to introduce them to a new genre of storytelling.

      • The Baron Comes to Life
        From Amazon

        While this book really has nothing to do with "Whisper of the Heart" other than the Baron and Muta, it is still an excellent find! Young Haru is having a rough day, and to top it off she is unwillingly engaged to the Prince of Cats, after saving his life. In her troubles, she finds the Cat Office, where she receives aid-until she is kidnapped. The story is about Haru finding the means to believe in herself (while fighing off a comical curse) and how the Baron and Muta help her. If you saw the movie and enjoyed it, this book is by far even better. For one thing, a few of the connections (such as Haru and Yuki's) is much more realistic. It also explains what the Kingdom of Cats is, as well as some other loop holes that were in the movie. Yes, it is a bit difficult to read, and to catch every single small plot point it requires a few reads. But it is well worth it!

      • A CAT'S LIFE
        From Amazon

        As habitually late high schooler Haru is walking down the street with her friend, she saves a cat from becoming a traffic fatality. Imagine her surprise when the cat stands up on two legs and speaks to her, thanking her for saving his life and that Haru will be repaid for her heroic deed. Unfortunately, her reward comes in the form of lived canned mice being delivered to her house and having catnip winds wafting through the streets. In addition, she learns that the cat she rescued is the prince of the Cat Kingdom, and his father, the Cat King, threatens to kidnap her and make her marry his son. A mysterious voice tells her to seek out the Cat Office for help in escaping this unenviable situation. That's where she'll meet the mysterious Baron, his overweight and crabby cat partner Muta, and the crow named Toto, of all things. They just might be the only help she'll get in this world. The art was incredible and reminds one of a high quality Disney film in comic book form. Having seen the anime before I read the manga, I felt the comic form did not do the story justice. There was just so much whimsy and motion that is lost in frozen pictures. But it's still a very nice-looking book. I'll have to read it again when the anime is not so fresh in my mind. This would be a good manga to start someone's interest in manga and anime. Suitable for children and adults of all ages.

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