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      Art dog

      by Thacher Hurd
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: HarperCollins
      • Publishing date: 29/02/1996
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780060244248
      • ISBN: 0060244240


      Arthur Dog, guard at Dogopolis Museum of Art and ardent fan of Leonardo Dog Vinci, leads a quiet life--except when the moon is full. On those nights something happens to Arthur. His eyes grow bright and his fur seems to glisten... and soon he is hatted and masked and out on the streets painting secret masterpieces. No one knows who the mysterious Art Dog is, until the night when Brrringggg! the museum alarm goes off, and Arthur finds himself in the middle of a Mona Woofa heist. Can Arthur extricate himself from this terrible predicament and point the paw at the true criminals? Thacher Hurd's wacky story and fabulously splashy illustrations, with witty nods to many famous artists, would dazzle any young reader. Budding art aficionados, especially, will be thrilled to recognize the works of Pablo Poodle, Henri Muttisse, and Vincent Van Dog, among others. A delightful book! (Ages 4 and older) --Emilie Coulter

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      • Great fun!
        From Amazon

        Our three year old just loves this book. It's a playful introduction to art and museums....a fun read for children and parents alike. Highly recommend.

      • My preschoolers LOVE this book
        From Amazon

        My 2 boys have both loved this book for the last couple years with it's vibrant pictures and fun story. They ask for it at least once a week, and it's tolerable for adults as well :-) We picked it up when the older was just 2, and he loved it from the beginning, and still loves it now several years later.

      • Wish there were more kid's books like this
        From Amazon

        I've read this to my six-year-old since he was a five-year-old - he doesn't get tired of it, and mercifully, neither do I. The idea of a hero who uses _painting_ instead of punches to win the day is so cool it makes me wish I'd written it.
        Also, I take my son to the children's floor at Berkeley Main Library, where they have a kid's size version of the Brushmobile (you'll have to read the book to know what that it) that he's loved to 'ride in' even before we'd found the book. The day he no longer fits behind the palette, I think we'll both cry.

      • Who is Art Dog?
        From Amazon

        By day, Arthur Dog, Dogopolis Museum of Art security guard, and lover of paintings by Vincent Van Dog, Pablo Poodle, Henri Muttisse, and Leonardo Dog Vinci. By night, Art Dog, masked grafitti artist painting the city in beautiful color. "No one knew who Art Dog really was... until one night at the museum." Yikes! Someone has stolen the Mona Woofa! After being falsely accused, Art Dog paints his way out of jail, lifts his nose in the air..."I can smell art a mile away," and saves the day in superhero fashion..... Thacher Hurd has authored an entertaining, wacky picture book that's sure to tickle the funny bones of young and old alike. His delightful, high-spirited text begs to be read aloud, and is full of terrific sound effects, wordplay, and dog puns. But it's his bold, bright, and splashy illustrations that really make this book stand out and sparkle. Perfect for youngsters 4-8, Art Dog is a funny, engaging, rip-roarin' adventure you don't want to miss. "Who was Art Dog? Who was this painter in a Brushmobile, catcher of crooks, bringer of light to the Dogopolis night?" Only readers will know!

      • Woofunderful book!
        From Amazon

        "Art Dog" is a wigglin' fun story book about Arthur Dog, the security guard at Dogopolis Museum of Art. He lives a secret life as a graffitti artist who finds himself being blamed for the stolen "Mona Woofa". However, he is able to paint his way out of...well, I can't give away the story here! (This detective dog sure is smarter than Scoobi Doo!)

        The story is very short, quick, and barkingly fun. Not only will kids love it, but adults will love the depictions of Vicent Van Dog, Pablo Poodle, Henri Muttisse and others. It is dog-gone worth the few bucks for this book. This sure is a good book to sniff out.

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