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Your Management Sucks: Why You Have To Declare War On Yourself . . . And Your Business

by Mark Stevens
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  • Publisher: Crown Business
  • Publishing date: 09/05/2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781400054930
  • ISBN: 1400054931


Like a mirror, Your Management Sucks reveals important truths that you may deal with . . . or choose to ignore or put on the back burner.

Everyone manages someone or something . . . your own life and career, an administrative assistant, hundreds or thousands of people. How well or poorly you manage has a profound impact on your personal success.

Mark Stevens makes the compelling point that at any given time everyone’s management sucks. It can, however, be improved and rethought so you can move away from patterns and habits that you can easily fall victim to.

Start by declaring constructive war on yourself. Look in the mirror and identify those invisible traps and barriers. Then leave the land of business-as-usual with the seven-point plan Stevens has used to build both his own extraordinary career and his marketing and strategy consulting firm. You’ll soon find that you’re in the fast lane, easily outpacing your passive peers who rarely, if ever, challenge the how and why of what they do.

Mark Stevens—a street-smart kid from Queens, New York, who has gone on to phenomenal success—not only gives advice to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups, he takes his own. Concerned that his business, MSCO, would continue its steady but limited growth, he announced one morning during breakfast with his wife, “Honey, I’m going to fire everyone.” That intention, while actually carried out over a lengthy period of time, was based on one simple insight—that his team of good people wouldn’t be able to put MSCO over the top to make it the best. From that episode came the ideas that form the core of Your Management Sucks:

• Developing your own personal killer app—the “differentiator” that will make you more than the sum of your parts

• Unleashing your virtual Manhattan Project: the plan that will change your life, your business, and the world

• Challenging the oxymoron of conventional wisdom

• Applying C+A+M: The universal equation for perpetual growth

In the same straight-talking, no-BS style of his last book, Your Marketing Sucks, Stevens offers brass-tacks examples of management approaches that do—and don’t—work and inspires people to ask themselves the tough questions they need to answer in order to become true leaders.

Your Seven-Point Declaration of War on Management That Sucks

1. Unleash the Power of a Personal Philosophy: Don’t just rock the boat of your business, be prepared to capsize it.

2. Challenge the Oxymoron of Conventional Wisdom: The so-called smart thing is all too often stale thinking masquerading as truth.

3. Take a Good Look in the Mirror . . . Do You See a Leader? The worst damn thing in the world you can do is copy success. Be an original.

4. Develop Your Personal Killer App: Become greater than the sum of your parts.

5. Unleash Your Manhattan Project: Implement the plan that will change your world and your life.

6. Capture Ideas with a Butterfly Net: Seek out what you need to know and use it for personal growth.

7. Apply C+A+M, the Universal Equation for Perpetual Growth: Win customers and make them deliriously happy.

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  • A Brutal "Look In The Mirror"
    From Amazon

    The title's quite blunt--and so are the messages. I found that page after page contains extremely accurate assessments and advice of the business, management, leadership, and people situations I face in my organization. It's a brutal "look in the mirror" as to what we need to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing.

  • Finally, a Biz Book That Doesn't Suck!
    From Amazon

    Wanting to keep ahead of the curve in my career, it seems I'm always reading a business book or two. This one didn't waste my time, try too hard to impress me with MBA-speak, or tell me what I already know. What I liked most about Your Management Sucks is that the author tells it like it is. If I had a mentor, one that told me what I really needed to hear to get ahead, one that would kick my [...] to take next steps when I needed confirmation or direction, then I found one in this author. I think I will re-read many sections of this book as a refresher when I ask for a raise, take on a conference room of naysayers or need to push myself to take a few risks at the office.

    If you are uncertain what your next steps should be with your boss, concerned that voicing your opinion will make your colleagues think less of you, or want to know how to improve your own management skills and techniques, then this should be the next book you read. It's practical, full of "ah-ha" insights, and really gets your adrenaline pumping.

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