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Wood Stock - Vol Ii

by Sir Walter Scott
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  • Publisher: Kronenberger Press
  • Publishing date: 20070315
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406776898
  • ISBN: 1406776890


WAVERLEY VOL. VME 38 WOODSTOCK. THE C AV L I E R. IN TWO VOL. UME9. IT PARKERS EDITION, REVISED AND CORRFCTrD, WITH A GFNKRAL PREFACE, AS INTRt l UCTlON TO KACH NO L, ANI NOTES, HISTORICAL AND ILLUSTRATIVE, BY THE AUTHOR. BOSTON SAMUKT, II. P KKKR, WASHINGTON STRKFT. WOODSTOCK. CHAPTER 1. Being 1 skilless in these parts, which, to a stranger, Unguidcd and unfriended, often prove It ou iii and inhospitable. Twelfth Night. THERE was a little attempt at preparation, now that the dinner hour was arrived, which showed that, in the opin ion of his few but faithful domestics, the good Knight had returned in triumph to his home. The great tankard, exhibiting in bas-relief the figure ol Michael subduing the arch enemy, was placed on the table, and Jocelinc and Phoebe dutifully attended the one behind the chair of Sir Henry, the other to wait upon her young mistress, and both to make out, by formal and regular observance, the want of a more numerous train. health to King Charles said the old Knight, handing the massive tankard to his daughter Drink it, my love, though it be rebel ale which they have left us. I will pledge thee for the toast will excuse the liquor, had Noll himself brewed it. The young lady touched the goblet with her lip, and returned it to her father, who took a copious draught. 1 will not say blessing on their hearts, said he , though I must own they drank good ale. No wonder, sir they come lightly by the malt, and need not spare it, said Joceline 4 WOODSTOCK. Sayst thou said the Knight thou shall finish the tankard thyself, for that vSry jests sake. Nor was his follower slow in doing reason to the royal pledge. He bowed, and replaced the tankard, saying after a triumphant glance at the sculpture, I had a gibe with that same red-coat about the Saint Michael, just now. Red-coat ha vhat red-coat said the hasty old man. Do any of these knaves still lurk about Wood stock Quoit him down stairs instantly, Joceline. Know we not Galloway nags So please you, he JL in some charge here, and will speedily be gone. It is he he who had a rencontre with your honour in the wood. Ay, but I paid him off for it in the hall, as you your self saw. I was never in better fence in my life, Joce line. That same steward fellow is not so utterly black hearted a rogue as the most of them, Joceline. He fences well excellent well. 1 will have thee try a bout in the hall with him to-morrow, though I think he will be too hard for thee. I kpow thy strength, to an inch. He might say this with some truth for it was Jocelines fashion, when called on, as sometimes happened, to fence with his patron, just to put forth as much of his strength and skill as obliged the Knight to contend hard for victory, which, in the long run, M always contrived to yield up to him, like a discreet serving-man. And what said this round-headed steward of our great Saint Michaels standing-cup Marry, he scoffed at our good saint, and said he fcvas little better than one of the golden calves of Bethel. But I told him he should not talk so, until one of their own round-headed saints had given the devil as complete a cross-buttock as Saint Michael had given him, as tis carved upon the cup there I trow that made him silent enough. And then he would know whether your honour and Mistress Alice, not to mention old Joan and myself, since it is your honours pleasure I should take my bed here, were not afraid to sleep in a house that had been WOODSTOCK. 5 so much disturbed. But I told him we feared no fiends or goblins, having the prayers of the Church read every evening. Joceline, said Alice, interrupting him, wert thou mad You know at what risk to ourselves and the good doctor the performance of that duty takes place. Oh, Mistress Alice, said Joceline, a little abashed, you may be sure I spoke not a word of the doctor No, no - 1 did not let him into the secret that we had such a reverend chaplain I think I know the length of this mans foot...

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