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Who Hates Whom: Well-armed Fanatics, Intractable Conflicts, And Various Things Blowing Up A Woefully

by Bob Harris
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Three Rivers Press
  • Publishing date: 25/09/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780307394361
  • ISBN: 0307394360


The daily news gives you events but rarely context. So what do al-Qaeda, North Korea, and Iran really want? Which faction is which in Iraq and who’s arming whom? What’s the deal with Somalia, Darfur, and Kashmir? Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah?

Finally, here’s Who Hates Whom—a handy, often stunning guide to the world’s recent conflicts, from the large and important to the completely absurd.

• Which countries are fighting over an uninhabitable glacier with no real strategic value—at an annual cost of half a billion dollars?
• Which underreported war has been the deadliest since World War II—worse even than Vietnam—with a continuing aftermath worse than most current conflicts combined?
• Which royal family members were respected as gods—until the crown prince machine-gunned the king and queen?
• Which country’s high school students think the Nazis had a “good side”? Which nation’s readers recently put Mein Kampf on the bestseller list? And which other country watches itself with four million security cameras? (Hint: All three are U.S. allies.)

Detailed with more than fifty original maps, photographs, and illustrations, Who Hates Whom summarizes more than thirty global hotspots with concise essays, eye-catching diagrams, and (where possible) glimmers of kindness and hope.

In which bodies of water can you find most of the world’s active pirates? Which dictatorship is bulldozing its own villages? Where exactly are Waziristan, Bangsamoro, Kurdistan, Ituri, Baluchistan, and Jubaland—and how will they affect your life and security? Find out in Who Hates Whom, a seriously amusing look at global humanity—and the lack thereof.

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  • Unbelievably readable.
    From Amazon

    I think it is something of a miracle that Mr. Harris made this book so accessible. I picked up this book because I enjoyed other material that Bob Harris produced, but I was a little wary about this book. After all, he's writing about many of the "b-side" wars in countries that don't make the 7 o'clock news. The sources of these conflicts range from leftover Cold War proxy wars to colonization to ancient struggles when men in bearskins beat each other with femurs. That is a lot of material to cover in a tiny book and simplifying or omitting the histories can prevent readers from gaining any real knowledge of what is going on. Mr. Harris avoided this problem by avoiding lengthy histories and, while acknowledging the roots of the conflicts he describes, largely focusing on the contemporary "things blowing up." There are usually short blurbs about the history of the conflict and then a look at the modern state of the conflict and the parties involved. Generally, these are pretty good. In the interest of not getting himself killed Mr. Harris seems to play a fairly neutral party when examining the various size wars. The sole except is when he gave into his personal rage about the invasion of Iraq. I took the review down to 4 stars just because he left out the Armenia-Azerbaijan/Nagorno-Karabakh war. Sure, things have settled down there, Mr. Harris, but no peace agreement has been reached. And how can you overlook the history of that war - at one point both sides paid the Russians to fight for them and a Russian Air wing ended up fighting a Russian Tank column. That's comedy gold, in a really dark way.

  • You Can't Tell the Players without a Scorecard!
    From Amazon

    Bob Harris manages to educate and entertain in this guide to the myriad of wars, conflicts, arguments, rivalries, and turf battles around the world. As advertised, he tells you who hates whom around the globe. We actually keep this book on the coffee table as a quick reference source for those times the news mentions an unfamiliar regional fracas or historical bone of contention in a far away land. The book does manage to educate the reader on history while providing some laugh out loud observations about the absurdity of all the strife. And, somehow, Harris manages to make one feel somewhat optimistic about the future of us all.

  • Indispensable if you're interested in world events.
    From Amazon

    If you believe most news outlets, celebrities' parenting styles are some of the most important issues impacting our lives today-- not ethnic conflict in Africa, religious wars in Asia, or drugs and warlords in South America. There is now a book for those know better or want to know better.

    Who Hates Whom actually explains, clearly, concisely, and respectfully, what the hot-button issues are in many different parts of the world. Bob Harris's style makes it surprisingly easy and entertaining to read, as a reference or cover-to-cover, while giving the reader an honest account of what they need to know. Not only great for those who follow the news but for anyone interested in learning the roots of many conflicts and making the world around them a bit more peaceful.

  • A quick read and solid book
    From Amazon

    Harris offers a great primer for the geopolitically aspiring wonk. I love his writing style, and the rock heavy content material is lightened a touch by his humorous tone. I knew a bit about some of the conflicts Harris discusses, but he provided more information about issues with which I was already familiar and introduced me to many I was not. Great book. Great Price. Highly recommended.

  • Humorous, informative, and very well-written.
    From Amazon

    I bought Bob Harris's previous book, Prisoner of Trebekistan, because I'm a big fan of "Jeopardy," but he showed both a knack for self-deprecation of Dangerfield-esque levels and insight into America's favorite quiz show. Now, Bob takes a completely different tack, hoping to give America a glimpse into wars that most Americans were completely unaware of, or failed to care about. If you want to get informed about world events and learn not only who hates whom, but why, I strongly recommend this book.

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