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by William Bee
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
  • Publishing date: 03/10/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781844280667
  • ISBN: 1844280667


A hilarious modern cautionary tale! "Whatever" says Billy. It doesn't matter what Dad shows him - whether it's the tallest giraffe or the smallest butterfly or the world's curliest trumpet or the steamiest train. Even a trip to outer space yields the dismissive response, "Whatever". Until, that is, Billy meets the world's hungriest tiger and is promptly gobbled up. "I'm still in here Dad" yells Billy. "Whatever" says Dad!;A wittily stylish and elegant picture book.;The debut from William Bee, who works as the principal illustrator in Japan for the prestigious fashion house Paul Smith.

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  • Excellent book for kids with humor and attitude
    From Amazon

    A fresh take on Maurice Sendak's "Pierre" (whose catch-phrase was, "I don't care!"). William Bee's illustrations and tone are sharp and witty. Yes, the central character gets eaten by a tiger. Yes, his father responds with, "whatever." Yes, many kids will recognize themselves in the main character's difficult-to-impress attitude, and most kids will respond with delight and laughter and a dawning recognition of how their attitudes look and feel from others' perspectives. A great little book both for entertainment and personal growth. I also recommend William Bee's "Beware of the Frog" for fantastic illustrations and a charmingly creepy little story that begs to be read aloud -- the text lends itself to creative storytelling.

  • Make a choice!
    From Amazon

    I purchased this book for my son... it seems that whenever he is asked for his opinion, from what he would like for dinner to what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers, " I don't know." This great book uses strong, primary colored minimal artwork and a repetative pattern of a dad trying to elicit a response from his son ( something other than "whatever.") The dad tries all sorts of ideas, but the boy still reacts indifferently to small and big things.... until he is eaten by a tiger.... to which the dad replies, "whatever" the same answer the dad has been getting from the son....This is like a modern day Aesop's fable... a way to teach without being "preachy" and it's a fun book! Some reviews stated it was not for younger children because of the ending... The first rule of reading aloud is to PREVIEW the book before reading it... to get an idea of what it's about, where would be some good stopping points to talk about the storyline, discuss pictures, what words would be good for changing the tone of voice for emphasis, etc...

  • Funny Picture Book for Older Children
    From Amazon

    This book is boldly illustrated and sarcastically funny. In response to the reviewer above - this book is clearly marketed and meant for older children, so, it's not meant for a 2 year old. That doesn't mean though the older children won't find it hi-larious, but "whatever."

  • Only gave it a 1 because there was no ZERO option.
    From Amazon

    Horrible book not suitable for children - unless you are fine with children's book's that end with a tiger eating the child and the father walking away saying "Whatever". (Literally this is how the book ends - quite a shock as I was reading it as a bedtime story to my 2 yr old son). The author must be some sick person who never got enough love as a child. The type of person that should NOT be writing children's books. I actually can not believe this thing ever got published.

  • again! again!
    From Amazon

    My 2 1/2 yr. old daughter cannot get enough of this book. Actually, it is the only book she asks for and will sit down for. Laughter every time. I hope William Bee writes more books!!

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