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Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite

by Paul Arden
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Portfolio Trade
  • Publishing date: 10/03/2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781591841210
  • ISBN: 1591841216

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  • So simple!
    From Amazon

    This book consists of simple lines and pictures so you can have freedom to interpret the author's ideas. You don't need to be a very clever person to understand this book. In fact, I find this book as a reminder for myself not to afraid to have my own thoughts! I read this book randomly. I open any page i want and start reading from there and stop anytime i want. This way of reading help me digest the idea better.

  • Whatever you think think the opposite
    From Amazon

    "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be" was just mind blowing! But this one was quite a dissapointment.

  • One star or five stars, depends
    From Amazon

    As a pro trader who read a lot of books on creativity, self improvement and contrarian thinking/trading, I found the author's ideas familiar, but not his interesting presentation through extensive and interesting use of graphs, pictures and page designs. I dare not recommend it to any serious self help book reader or creative professional. Nevertheless, it's a good choice for a 30 minute leisure reading. On the other hand, I read this right after the author's another book "It's not how good you are. It's...". The two books are very similar and so I had written two nearly identical reviews for each. Pardon me!

    p.s. Below please find some of my favorite passages for your reference.

    Salomon Brothers met with prospective clients not once a month or once a day, but three times a day. That is unreasonable. But it works. Most people are reasonable, that's why they only do reasonably 42

    A young man worked as a runner in an advertising firm. One day he said to his manager, "I'm leaving. I'm going to be a drummer." The manager said, "I didnt know you played the drums." He replied, "I dont, but I'm going to." A few years later that young man played in a band with Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce...He became what he wanted to become before he knew he could do it. He had a goal. pg 62

    Rememberwhat Jean Luc Godard said: It's not where you take things from - it's where you take them to. pg 92

    An interviewer with a wooden leg said to Frank Zappa, "With your long hair, from where I am sitting you could be a woman." He replied, "From where I am sitting you could be a table." pg 126

  • Unbelievable!...
    From Amazon

    Fresh!... Logic!... and absolutely magnificent!...

    It's kind a book that gonna change the way you thinking!

    a basic psychology knowledge in a good visualization!

    Applicable to general human live and in any profession!

    And it's an reader friendly book! Anyone could read it!

    Two thumbs up!.......

    Unbelievable book!........

  • Looking at the World Slightly Askew
    From Amazon

    This very short book was written and designed by the creative director of the most famous British advertising company, Saatchi & Saatchi. It begins with a story of someone who revolutionized the world of high jumping as an example of doing exactly the opposite of what was considered the "right way" to jump, thus breaking all previous records.

    The book, in a nutshell, is a series of provocative statements and photos designed to get you to look at the world and your life in a new way. Although aimed at the work world and breaking the rules within that context, most applies to everyday living as well. Its spare, sharp, engaging ideas will make you see that what you try to hide about yourself that makes you different, even within the context of the corporate world, is truly what makes you most valuable.

    A favorite story of mine (not from the book) revolves around a scholar who studied international politics. He was from the backwoods of Texas, but ended up going to Columbia for his doctoral degree. When I asked him how a guy from a small Texas town ended up in New York City at such a prestigious school, he said, "I was baffled too, but when I asked them later how I was selected, they told me that the department was intrigued by my application because I play jazz piano." Now what does jazz piano have to do with international politics? On the face of it, nothing at all, unless it gets people interested enough to admit you to a great doctoral program bypassing all those other qualified candidates.

    Those are the kinds of ideas that you will find in this book. "Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite" is a book with enough interesting ideas to stimulate those old brain cells of yours. I truly enjoyed it and found it inspirational. But then, I sometimes like to be a contrarian. Don't you?

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