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by Gill Hines, Alison Baverstock
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  • Publisher: Piatkus Books
  • Publishing date: 26/05/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780749925949
  • ISBN: 0749925949

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  • Very useful and practical book
    From Amazon

    The authors of this immensely helpful book are Gill Hines, who has thirty years experience of working with children, and Alison Baverstock, who is a mother of four. Childrens author Jacqueline Wilson contributes a useful foreword. The book provides a wealth of useful strategies for parenting.

    There are chapters on being a parent, being a teenager, self-esteem, communication (talk, dont tell), the role of the family, peer pressure, bullying, self-organisation, money, clothes, sex, drugs, drink and hobbies. Each chapter has a sensible discussion of the issue, followed by commonly asked questions and suggested answers.

    On the important matter of sex, the authors observe that Denmark has the earliest introduction to sex education, and the lowest rate of teenage pregnancy. Doubtless, the other positive aspects of the Scandinavian social model are important too.

    The authors key ideas are that parents should encourage teenagers to have a positive attitude towards themselves, and parents should try to remember how it was for them at that age. They also emphasise that parenting takes time and that it is a top priority.

    Families need to renegotiate boundaries for the teenage years and they have to encourage young people to take the initiative and to take responsibility for their actions. This is best done by the parents setting good examples.

    The authors recommend that parents should gradually stop doing things for teenagers, especially for boys, to ensure that they develop the skills they need for independence. The authors note, a little sadly, that all these efforts to improve relations with teenagers lead, as they should, to separation and independence.

  • At last, at last - realistic help for you and your teen
    From Amazon

    This is a brilliant book. The chapters deal with all the main issues to do with parenting teenagers but the approach is completely down to earth and honest. Each chapter starts with a discussion of the main things to think about, but then there are little exercises to help us parents remember how it felt to be a teenager. But the best thing of all is the question and answer section. About half of every chapter consists of questions I would like to know the answers to, and really practical ways of dealing with them. Some have happened to me already, others I expect may come, but the practical and down to earth advice on offer was immensely reassuring. I can't recommend this book highly enough, thank you Gill and Alison.

  • Wonderful - for stressed parents everywhere
    From Amazon

    This is a wonderful book - wise, well-written, informed and informative. I particularly like the way it helps you get out of the rut of nagging your teenager by helping you to think about your own experience as a teenager. The problem, though, is that if you lend it to your fellow parent, as I did, you won't see it again! Great read - just don't part with it, is all...!

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