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What To Expect When You're Expected: A Fetus's Guide To The First Three Trimesters

by David Javerbaum
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Spiegel & Grau
  • Publishing date: 13/10/2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780385526470
  • ISBN: 0385526474


This new second edition is filled with the latest, most accurate wombhood information, including comforting answers to hundreds of questions, such as

• “My mother just took a sip of white wine. Am I going to end up looking like some Chernobyl baby now?”
• “So far Mommy is spending most of her pregnancy in a state of stress, anxiety, and depression. Which one should she focus on?”
• “I’m kicking as hard as I can, but Mom says it feels like ‘butterflies fluttering.’ Am I doing something wrong?”
• “Why do my parents blast Mozart at me every night right when I’m trying to sleep?!?”
• “To the nearest hundred, how many people should Mommy invite to my birth?”

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  • Different than we expected
    From Amazon

    In the first sentence, the "F" word is used. This book may be funny and entertaing but a bit raunchy, unnecessarily so. I believe there are other ways the author could have made his point without using vile language. I really don't mind and am not offended by that type of language, but when you start the book out with it, you're sending a message loud and clear. So beware, if you want to read this book, be prepared for this type of a surprise!

  • Mildly amusing and the humor got old quick
    From Amazon

    My sister is expecting her first child, so I thought this might make a good gag gift. Fortunately I decided to read it myself before giving it. At first it was mildly amusing and seemed like an okay satire on the "What to Expect" books. But the humor wore thin for me quickly. I like to think I have a decent sense of humor and I love a good satire. Perhaps I just expected too much. I made myself read the whole thing so I could write a decent review. Since I was feeling strongly that I wanted to post a review, I was going to make sure I was totally informed. I did not care for it and did not think my sister would either. I gave her a lovely gift card instead.

  • Funny stuff!
    From Amazon

    New moms can be so overbearing when talking about thier pregnancy. My sister inlaw was the opposite and we had greqat laughs over this book.

  • Hiiilarious
    From Amazon

    Unapologetically irreverent. Best "Forward" I have read in a long time. Appropriate for those that have a good sense of humor. Not for the faint at heart. Do not let a new mom (24-48 hours) read it because the laughter hurts too much.

  • Hilarious
    From Amazon

    It's like reading the joke style of the Daily Show, but lasered in on one subject. Such a joy to pick up throughout the day. If you feel at home when watching Jon Stewart (and his writing team), pick this up.

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