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Vampire Knight: V. 7

by Matsuri Hino
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Product Details

  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
  • Publishing date: 04/08/2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781421526768
  • ISBN: 142152676X


R to L (Japanese Style). Yuki debates asking Kaname about her past, suspecting that he may have been the one who erased her childhood memories. Zero confronts Kaname to find out the truth, and the two come to blows over Yuki...

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  • Series starting to lose its way?
    From Amazon

    Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, vol. 7 (ViZ, 2008) There seems to be a wall every mangaka hits where they simply run out of ideas. Granted, some of them are able to put fresh spins on the old ones (Rave Master and Bleach have gone just about forever without a great deal of obvious repetition, for example), but this syndrome--we'll call it idealeech--tends to lead to either recycling old plotlines in new situations (the end of Yuyu Hakusho, for example) or grasping at the same kinds of straws one found in Perils of Pauline-style serials back in the days of silent film. And thus we come to the seventh volume of Vampire Knight, which contains not one, but two!, Perils of Pauline-style twists. (I grant you, one of them was set up in volume 6.) It's as if Hino senses that the love triangle at the heart of the story isn't enough. Interestingly, I think she's wrong about this; lord knows we've got enough vampire/human love stories these days, though there are intimations early on in this volume that Yuki isn't quite as human as Hino would have had us believe in the past six volumes. But the ones that have attempted to be love triangles have all abandoned the idea relatively quickly (how built-up a character was Bella's human suitor in the Twilight books? Yeah, like that. And how often did you actually see Edward and Jacob in a room together?), whereas Hino has kept the tension front and center, to her credit. And it works. Until now, most of the other plot developments have been in service to that, but that seems to be falling by the wayside. And, last, waitaminute, I thought Aido liked Yuki? (No, not in that way.) His attitude towards her in this volume seems to be way out of character... ** ½

  • Daughter Loves It
    From Amazon

    my 14 year old daughter loves these books. She especially loves how they are written back to front. this gives these books an authentic asian feel.

  • wonderful
    From Amazon

    i love this manga i am so glad i can buy it here. It was in great condition.

  • Four and a Half stars
    From Amazon

    This is definitely a 'political' installment of the Vampire Knight series. Zero's brother has been accepted into the Day class, one of the night students is acting.... off and Kaname has asked Yuki to be his lover. I'm not sure whether Kaname wants Yuki as a political lover (to protect her and give her status among the vampires) or is really looking to bind her to him by loving her. Either way it's done and Yuki is now being held in a different light for the Night class, in addition she is starting to see illusions of blood everywhere and we get the feeling it's about her past... the night Kaname was there (why was he there?) and saved her. As Yuki tries to gather her courage to ask Kaname about her past the Pureblood politics are in turmoil and beginning to play out... like chess pieces. This was way too short I couldn't believe it ended the way it did, thank goodness though that the next one comes out in November. This author also wrote Meru Peri my absolute favorite manga Captured Hearts which is a pretty good manga, but a little slow. Vampire Knight is also an Anime... check it out!

  • The chess pieces move
    From Amazon

    A pivotal incident between Kaname and Zero aside, this installment of Vampire Knight is largely a transition volume setting the stage for a vicious struggle to follow. Sensing that his enemies are on the move, Kaname takes out several insurance policies that send much of the cast reeling - none moreso than Yuki, who becomes increasingly restless as she senses that Kaname is keeping something crucial from her regarding the day he rescued her as a child and starts exhibiting some uncharacteristic behavior. Meanwhile, lest we forget the last volume's cliffhanger, poor Ichijo once again has to fend off his nasty Grandfather - and finds himself in a miserable and perhaps untenable position when he discovers what has happened to his dear friend Shiki... As the volume ends, Yuki, Zero and the Night Class members start to clarify where they stand, and a pall settles over them as they realize the gravity of the events about to unfold. With some very likeable characters in jeopardy, Vampire Knight remains highly addictive.

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