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Vampire Academy: Blood Promise

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  • Publisher: PUFFIN
  • Publishing date: 2010
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780141331867
  • ISBN: 0141331860

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  • wow
    From Amazon

    wow. this series just gets better and better. i'm quite pleased. i literally could not put the book down, it was such a page turner. love it, absolutely love it.

  • An emotional ride...
    From Amazon

    A friend of mine got me hooked on this series. It's unique and intriguing. I often found myself so wrapped-up in reading that I would find myself done with the book with no clue what was going on around me or how much time had passed. I had grown to really enjoy the banter between Dimitri and Rose, so when he was "awakened" it was a heart-wrenching twist that continues throughout this book. This book lacks much of the action seen in the previous books and is nearly all emotional. I found myself crying and aching for Rose, all the while agitated that she had failed to follow the most basic precepts that Dimitri himself had taught her. However, I do feel the author, Richelle Mead, created something that was very realistic even if it was by no means what you wanted to believe would happen. Through this we are also able to learn more about Strigoi and how they operate and think, which is something I believe is going to be very important for later books. My only real complaint was the lack of time continuity when Rose would slip into Lissa's mind. At times, the events that would play out were hours or days worth of action in the supposed 10 minutes she was in her mind... or too much time had elapsed with Rose for Lissa to still be doing whatever she was doing at the time. While I was glad she kept the story with Lissa going, I did feel it was a bit contrived at times and that the timing was way off.

  • Forever and ever... I promise
    From Amazon

    This is the best vampire series ever! It's beautifully written! An amazing author with a very creative and detailed mind! This makes the Twilight series look like even more trash than it already is! For any paranormal, action, romance, political view lovers! Give this series a chance!!!

  • A heartbreaking and game-changing book for Vampire Academy fans
    From Amazon

    Every time I think that Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series couldn't get any better, she pulls the rug out from under my feet and I'm left shaking my head at its awesomeness. In Blood Promise, readers get a change of venue as we follow guardian-in-training Rose to Siberia as she hunts the love of her life and former mentor, Dimitri. Since he was forcibly turned into a Strigoi -- an evil, murderous vampire -- Rose can't forget her promise to never let him live that way, and is searching Russia to find and destroy him, no matter how much it hurts. To complete her quest, she has left her best friend Lissa behind to battle her own demons of spirit without her, despite the strain it puts on their bond. Rose meets a lot of interesting and unexpected characters along her journey to find Dimitri, and eventually does track down her lost love. Mead does a wonderful job of showing Rose's conflict between her sense of duty and her confused emotions about Strigoi Dimitri. Readers also learn more about the Strigoi, the phenomena of being shadow kissed and the element of spirit in this information-packed novel. But the centerpiece of the book is love and loss. I have really enjoyed watching Mead's characters evolve throughout the course of the series - I'm pretty heavily invested at this point. I'm so glad I looked past the YA label and somewhat-silly title, because it would have been a shame to miss this awesome series.

  • amazing!
    From Amazon

    Great Book! My guilty pleasure is to read this kind of books, and all I can say is that I don't feel guilty at all about reading the Vampire Academy books. I took a chance on buying these books and it was all worth it! Well written, and interesting from the beginning to the end and the characters, places, etc, are well built. One of the best books of YA Fiction (and I've read a lot of it).

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