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Twilight (twilight Saga)

by Stephenie Meyer
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • Publishing date: 30/04/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781904233657
  • ISBN: 1904233651

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  • Bella and Edward....a love story????!!!
    From Amazon

    Despite myself, I enjoyed this book. It is truly a tongue in cheek vampire tale. Having viewed old movies with Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula, then watching the daytime soap opera "Dark Shadows' for a number of years, there is definitely a fascination with the subject matter. At first, I thought it childish, but then it is meant for teens! Venturing futher into the book, chuckles were definitely called for as Bella, our heroine, constantly gets herself into accidents and mis steps. Bella is obviously coming of age. Searching for something to hang on to (her mother has remarried, her Dad is somewhat a lost loner) she comes to live in Forks for a spell. Forks is pretty cloudy most of the time and cold, perfect for the unique vampire family, residing in town, identity unbeknownst to the population thereof. Edward is greatly drawn, no pun intended, to Bella, and Bella is just ripe and ready, despite Edward's best intentions. Not a serious book, not for everyone, but a silly, fun read for the right person.

  • Twilight is like a badly written Fanfic
    From Amazon

    This is Kartik Chandrasekhar's daughter, BTW. I first heard about Twilight from a friend of mine, who mentioned that Breaking Dawn was coming out the next day.This friend and I have similar taste in books, so I trusted her, and bought a copy of Twilight a week later. Needless to say, I was severely disappointed. Bella Swan "selflessly" offers to move to Forks, Washington, to let her mother and Fiancee travel the world together. She hates Forks. This is highly unrealistic. How many teens you know would move to somewhere that they hate voluntarily? She settles down at Forks High School, where everyone likes her, but Bella Swan is drawn to the pale Cullen family. Edward Cullen, her lab partner acts unfriendly, because she smelt good, and he was attracted to her blood. They eventually become friends, and he kisses her. Then,James, a tracker vampire is determined to suck her blood. *** Bella Swan is a Mary Sue. She notice her beauty, but five guys are in love with her. She is nice to everyone, and they all want to be her friend. Gag. She has no personality. There is no redeeming quality about Bella Swan. She is the typical love struck "girl-next-door" with no thoughts except about Edward Cullen, or as she calls him, "Angel," or "Marble Adonis" There is no depth in their relationship, except that she is sexually attracted to him, and that he thinks that she smells good. It is shameful that girls set Bela as their role models. Edward Cullen is a crazy, abusive, controlling stalker. He's such a pedophile! It's so cliche that Bella's mind is the only one he can't read. He doesn't let Bella live her life. In fact, as hard as it is, I feel pity for the poor girl. Girls cut their necks, and set their user names as "MrsEdwardCullen" That is just pathetic. It's quite obvious that Stephenie Meyer is in love with her main character. If I read about "Edward's angelic features" one more time, I might shoot myself. How long did SM spend on the plot of this book? It is extremely unrealistic. It is impossible for it to rain that much.So, if the Cullens skip class that much, won't they get in trouble? Hasn't anyone in Forks touched any of the Cullens even once? I think it's impossible to notice that the Cullen's never age. And two adults who are only thirty adopting a bunch of teenage kids? How dumb are these people? I felt my brain cells dying when I picked up Twilight. How can people think that this is literature? It must be the apocalypse.

  • I was prepared to hate it, but...
    From Amazon

    First off, I must give proper respect to Stephenie Meyer; anyone that can get young people excited about reading lengthy novels with complex plots (listening J.K.?) deserves all the accolades afforded them. That being said, I was prepared to hate "Twilight," simply because, as a high school English teacher, EVERY TEXT to TEXT REFERENCE I GET IS RELATED TO TWILIGHT. "Okay," I thought, "it is my professional obligation to see what the hoopla is all about." (know thy enemy and all that,) so I read the first book in a the series and I can say, with complete objectivity that the story was rich, the characters are real, and the storyline is one that I would like very much to visit again. I see now the genesis of the infatuation and, while I am far from ready to line up at midnight for the movies, I can appreciate good storytelling and engaging characters when I see it - and Twilight did not disappoint. As coming of age, adolescent angst stories go, it's as good as anything on the market today, and deserves the ardor which it has been afforded. Bravo, Ms. Meyer.

  • Not Bad
    From Amazon

    I have to admit, I was originally angry that this book existed. I figured that teenagers didn't need more fodder for being woebegone--and what could provide more fodder than a book about morose vampires unable to love? They live alone forever, no one understands them, etc--really, it's been done. Several times. It's no big deal, kids. Really. And then I manned up and read it. Needless to say, Twilight was no where near as bad as I had assumed. It's a cute little story, very high school, and amusing nonetheless. I found the plot intriguing, from the awkward first love to the danger of Bella dealing with the vampires, and I happily read it in one day. I do wish that she had kept her abounding admiration of the vampires' physique to one paragraph as opposed to the twenty pages that her adoring adverbs and adjectives could have filled. Honestly, a simple mention of "Edward was fine," would suffice, and I would let my imagination run with it. All of her persistence made me feel as though she were a bit too desperate to convince me. I found myself asking, "Is he really so good looking? Does he have some huge flaw that we should be ignoring, besides the fact that he wants to eat his girlfriend?" So yes, a little less persistence would have been nice. I liked the story and the characters, and can see why teenage girls eat this up--I certainly would have. What I don't understand is how these books became such a sensation, as this story is nothing new. Boy is vampire. Boy loves girl. Boy can't love girl--is sad. Girl is also sad. WEREWOLVES! Boy turns girl into vampire. Sunset (only usually not, as this would kill them all). The end! How did this one particular interpretation of this story get so huge? It's certainly no more remarkable than several other versions of vampire angst that already exist. All I can say is, congrats to Stephanie Meyer for striking upon such a craze. We'll see if the second one holds up!

  • Twilight Rocks!
    From Amazon

    Not like a "teen book". Surprisingly delicious reading! The story of lovers who are not supposed to love each other, but cannot help their love for one another. I read all 490+ pages in a day and instantly downloaded book 2, New Moon. I think I will have read all four books in the next two days.... Yes, it is just that good! And that addicting!

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