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Shadow Of Solomon

by Laurence Gardner
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  • Publisher: Harper Element
  • Publishing date: 01/08/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780007207602
  • ISBN: 0007207603


What ancient mystery lies behind the creation of Freemasonry--a lost secret so powerful that the Brotherhood itself has been on a quest to find it for three hundred years?

For those of us lacking the resources to excavate occult secrets hidden beneath the Louvre or the Rosslyn Chapel, or within CIA Headquarters, The Shadow of Solomon is the next best thing. These pages reveal the true secrets of Solomon, from masonry to magic. Laurence Gardner's personal experience as both a Templar and a mason makes this fascinating journey through the history of the Bible, Knights Templar, Freemasons, and everything that followed all the more striking and immediate.

Is it an accident that the world's attention should be turned to these men and their strange lexicon of symbols and secrets RIGHT NOW? What will happen when we understand that there is something we all have in common that is greater than nation or religion?

Freemasons are often said to be the world's most influential secret society, yet the story of this enigmatic fraternity is wrapped in mystery and intrigue. Their involvement in shaping political world events has stretched over centuries, even to the extent that masonic principles lie beneath the establishment of the United States and its Constitution.

The Shadow of Solomon is the definitive insider's account of the startling truth behind masonic history and the centuries-long search that the fraternity has undertaken to find its own lost secrets.

* Exposes the conflicts that have guarded the real secret of Freemasonry for centuries

* Reveals what most masons don't even know about the relationship of their society to history and to cutting-edge science and the future of the world

* Includes 40 color illustrations

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  • Any who would consider the process of American history.
    From Amazon

    Collections strong in New Age topics in general and freemasonry history in particular will want to consider Laurence Gardner's THE SHADOW OF SOLOMON: it's a reader offering an insider's account of masonic history and the search the fraternity has conducted to locate its own lost secrets. The Masons have long been involved in world political events down to the founding of the U.S. and its constitution, which makes THE SHADOW OF SOLOMON of interest not only to new age holdings, but to any who would consider the process of American history.

  • Nice cover
    From Amazon

    It is a nice cover, but that's about all I can say that's good I am afraid. I was expecting more, but it's just fact after so called fact and most of these are wrong and based on Gardner's world view. Not very good really and rushed out.

  • Bland
    From Amazon

    If you have read any of my other reviews you'll know i've read quite a lot of Mr Gardner's work. This isnt one of his best. It is basically a history of freemasonary and how it came about. There's nothing mystical about it, lots of facts and figures.. but thats about it. These dont really give much of an insight either! I got the impression that the Masons were just being painted as no-one special save for their skills in practical stuff such as building. Having read other things about Masons, this is really not very interesting at all. It states there are only 3 degrees, which is the accepted answer rather than the actuality. (Allegedly!) In fact, rather than anything ground-breaking going on it has the feel that the exact opposite is being expressed with the aim to rid the world of any ideas of mysticism and hidden goings on! I suppose if you want to read about dates and similar, and be told that all the aura surrounding Free Masons is just that... an aura which is of no real substance... then you'll enjoy this. Loking for more... I'd say look elsewhere.

  • It's a history book
    From Amazon

    This book is a bit of a challenge to get through. If you're a history buff, an actual Freemason, or a religous scholar, you're set - this thing is loaded full of dates and events which you'll be able to assimilate. My greatest challenge with this book was coming to the subject cold. The author has a tendency to whip in and out of various historical events, presenting them in a nonchronological order and without much context. There were a number of subjects addressed that could either have been illuminating the author's theory or just adding seasoning; I couldn't tell you which, because I couldn't decipher their impact. Unfortunately, the book does a very bad job of catering to the novice. There is no general glossary of Freemason positions, which leaves the reader stranded when trying to comprehend all of the information. The book seems to be targeted at people with an existing knowledge base. This isn't a bad thing, but I would have appreciated a definition of the intended audience on the book dust cover or introduction before purchasing it. As another reviewer mentioned, this is not a Da Vinci Code-type book. It is a rather dry non-fiction history text, not an adventure story.

  • Don't waste your money
    From Amazon

    Poor scholarship made worse by poor writing. Everything Laurence Gardner says is presented in more coherent form in other books, and his "Lost Secret" is a huge let down once you get to it. He meanders his way through every crackpot theory about the origins and secrets of Freemasonry, accepting some and supposedly disproving others, all the while taunting us with the idea that he has discovered some lost "secret". (At the end of the book you discover that, apparently, the Freemasons once knew how to transmute gold and other metals into some other element, but lost this knowledge during the Glorious Revolution of 1688! - and to fully understand what he is talking about, you would have to buy one of his other books). Don't bother with this one.

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