: The Poetical Works of John Milton, With a Life of the Author by A. Chalmers. With 12 Illustr. by R. Westall (9781150249297) : John Milton : Books
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The Poetical Works Of John Milton, With A Life Of The Author By A. Chalmers. With 12 Illustr. By R. Westall

by John Milton
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  • Publisher: General Books LLC
  • Publishing date: 20091218
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781150249297
  • ISBN: 1150249293


General Books publication date: 2009 Original publication date: 1881 Notes: This is a black and white OCR reprint of the original. It has no illustrations and there may be typos or missing text. When you buy the General Books edition of this book you get free trial access to where you can select from more than a million books for free. Excerpt: Stat dnbins cui se parti concedat Olympus, Et metuit pugnae non superesse snae, At simal in coelis Messise insignia fulgent, Et currns animes, armaque digna Deo, Horrendumque rotse strident, et sreva rotarum Erumpunt torvis fulgura Iuminibus, Et flammse vibrant, et vera tonitrua rauco Admistis flammis insonuere Polo, Excidit attonitis mens omnis, et impetus omuls Et cassis dextris irrita tela cadunt. Ad poenas fugiunt, et ceu foret Orcns asylum Informs certant condere se tenebris. Cedite Romani scriptores, cedite Graii Et quos fama recens vel celebravit anus. Hsec quicunque leget tantum cecinisse putabit Mseonidem ranas, Virgilium enlices. Samuel Barbow, M. D. ON PARADISE LOST. I beheld the poet blind, yet bold, In slender book his vast design unfold, Messiah crown'd, God's reconcil'd decree, Rebelling angels, the forbidden tree, Heav'n, hell, earth, chaos, all ; the argument Held me awhile misdoubting his intent, That he would ruine (for I saw him strong) The sacred truths to Fable and old song (So Sampson grop'd the temple's posts in spite) The world o'erwhelming to revenge his sight. Yet as I read, soon growing less severe, I lik'd his project, the success did fear ; Through that wide field how he his way should find O'er which lame faith leads understanding blind; Lest he perplex'd the things he would explain, And what was easy he should render vain. Or if a work so infinite he spann'd, Jealous I was that some less skilful hand (Such as disquiet always what is well, And by ill imitating would excel) Might hence presume the whole creat...

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