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The One Minute Father (one Minute Series)

by Spencer Johnson, Candle Communications
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  • Publisher: Collins
  • Publishing date: 16/10/1995
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780688144050
  • ISBN: 0688144055


The One Minute Father is the seminal One Minute book. A man who sees that he has been a better provider than parent learns by trial and error how to be more nurturing. He first learns a more effective way to discipline –– applying One Minute Reprimands. Then his children help him discover two even more important parenting methods –– One Minute Praisings and One Minute Goals. Using these practical methods, a father develops more confidence in himself as a parent, as he and his children enjoy a happier family life. The One Minute Father begins where most fathers are and takes them to where they want to be.

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  • The one minute father
    From Amazon

    It is a good book, useful in a lot of cases. It does not teach you to be a good father, but hepls you to understand in a better way the always complex relations with your children.

  • The One Minute Review
    From Amazon

    I like this book. Sure it may be cheesy and sometimes condescending and pedantic, but it is easy to read. What I like about this book is that it truly teaches parents how to parent in a way that helps children access an internalized sense of right and wrong. It seems like children today, because of our society's lack of social limits, have a shallow sense of right and wrong. There is a difference between not doing something because you will get caught and not doing something because you know that it is wrong.

    This technique helps parents communicate in a clear and effective manner what they feel about a situation and attempt to get the child to internalize it. In other words, it teaches parents to help the child become their own parent.

    I have used this series of books in my private practice to help clients learn to parent, as well as how to communicate with others. It is well worth reading.

    Greg Custer, MS, LPC, MFTI

  • Pleasantly Surprised!
    From Amazon

    I purchased this book after reading "The One Minute Manager." I was skeptical about how any significant parenting advice could be contained in such a small volume. Still, since the read would be easy and quick, I decided to try it. I was pleasantly surprised!

    Johnson does an excellent job of applying the basic principles of One Minute management to the parent/child relationship. In his typical parable style, he describes the One Minute Reprimand, the One Minute Praising, and the One Minute Goal. His depiction of the results with the Father's children is sickeningly sweet and overly dramatic, but he makes his point.

    For any father who has read "The One Minute Manager," I encourage him to read this book also. It will truly give new, valuable insights into being a better dad. Buy it and see for yourself!

  • Simple and easy and VERY practical.
    From Amazon

    Spencer Johnson always does a good job of breaking an idea down to some key components that can then be built upon to create a positive outcome. I was skeptical of "The One Minute Father" as most people seem to be about all of the One Minute Ideas. Don't let the title fool you. By using the common sense approach to discipling your children, you will eliminate the negative time to small points in time while giving you the opportunity to spend a great deal of time in a positive and rewarding relationship with your child(ren). This is a must read for any parent. The things that we often know but won't believe are possible are possible. I have started following the advice given in this book more regulary and I can already see one of my children turning the corner in how she sees herself and her actions and how the two are not necessarily the same.
    Give this book as a gift to yourself and anyone else you know willing to learn how to be a better, happier and more successful parent.

  • The ideal gift for any parent
    From Amazon

    This book and the concepts it shares with the One Minute (Manager) Series are the basis for the way I am raising my daughter. Manage behavior and unconditionally love the child. It works for parenting, management, and even marital relations. This book puts the principles of the One Minute Manager in the natural context of the parent child relationship. It is a gem of a book. I have given several copies to friends, employees, and in 1992 to my (then) future wife. Not only did I give her the book, I recorded it on cassette in my voice for her to study. She did. We have now (5/2000) been happily "Catching each other doing things right" for over 7 years as husband and wife. In the same way, we have harnessed the incredible power of One Minute style praising and reprimanding our daughter with fantastic results.

    ( Comment as of 2008:
    I still give this and other One Minute books to friends and co-workers, often the Japanese language editions. I still stand by every word of this review. And I still believe this series provides an excellent mental framework for dealing with the stresses of parenting, managing, and being a spouse. --Walter, Japan, April 2008 -- )

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