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The One-minute Teacher (one Minute Manager)

by Spencer Johnson
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Product Details

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Entertainment
  • Publishing date: 01/08/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780007203659
  • ISBN: 0007203659


This invaluable book shows how teachers, despite the many difficultiesthey face in today's school systems, can make an important contributionto their students' lives and educations. Johnson and Johnson describehow the use of Goal Setting, Praising, and Recovery reinforcesself-esteem and creates a new kind of learning process that will becomelifelong. The One Minute Teacher reveals simple, positive ways to

  • Discover and instill the love of learning
  • Foster success and achievement
  • Feel more confident and happy
  • Bring out the best in ourselves and others

Practical, wise, and useful in dozens of everyday situations, The OneMinute Teacher is essential reading for anyone who teaches and anyonewho learns.

More than eleven million copies of Dr. Johnson's books are in use intwenty-four languages.

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  • Good reading
    From Amazon

    This was a very good informational book to read. It has some very good teaching tools. It is a must for any teacher who takes their job to heart. It gives you the steps to making yourself a better teacher and a better learner yourself.

  • The Ward Cleaver approach to teaching
    From Amazon

    If you want the symopsis of this book... here it is in 2 words:

    Think Positive!

    If you are unable to do that, then this book is not for you.

    This book is written as if it were by Ward or June Cleaver. I kept expecting Eddie Haskell to but in and tell me how nice I looked today.

    Not a bad book. Common sense positive thinking.

  • The One Minutes.
    From Amazon

    While searching for some books in Ordu Bazar (books Market) inKarachi, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,during a recent visit tothat country, I found a Bundle of books Titled a One Minute Teacher,One Minute Manager, One minute Sales Person,One minute Father and OneMinute Mother. At the beginning I bought only one coppy of One MinuteTeacher not with the Intention to read it myself ,but to dump it on mystudent daughter to read.Travelling on a bus to my daughter's collegefor three hours wanted to pass time by looking casualy through thisbook.Immediatly it has atracted my attention by its valuable methodand clear appraoch. On my way back from my journey, Irushed to thesame market and bought four coppies of each book .They were publishedby William Morrow in New York... These books have given me a newapproach to people.

  • Believing in yourself
    From Amazon

    The One Minute Teacher tells you directly that the lessons of life are within you. What this book does is bring out the hidden self and organize the hidden self to becoming a better student. The three ideas of 1) Setting one minute goals 2) Giving one minute praisings 3) Using one minute recoveries are good karma for the soul. To take the idea of setting a goal and praising the accomplished goal is common knowledge. The idea of setting little goals and acknowledging them are the real substance of this book. Also, if you stray away from the goal the idea is to see the fault and get back to accomplishing the goal. For instance a minimal goal for a child could be to listen for 10 extra minutes in class. The child completes the goal and praises this effort. This fine tuning of his listening skills should help him achieve a higher grade in class. Also by increasing his listening ability this should help him in life. I recommend this book to be a part of the curriculum in high school and college. I further see the lessons from this book taught in churches, business etc.

  • A survival guide and reminder
    From Amazon

    This tiny volume is a collection of short takes on nurturing the independent learner. It is a wonderful gift for the beginning teacher who is too frequently overwhelmed by all there is to do in becoming the competent teacher he/she wants to be. The short pieces cut through the fluff of what we remember or imagine teachers doing when we were students ourselves and give concise, no-nonsense suggestions for making teaching as manageable as it is noble. I originally bought this for my niece with good intentions, and wound up getting another copy for myself. A veteran teacher, I still find the reminders refreshing.

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