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Master Key To Riches

by Napoleon Hill
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  • Publisher: Fawcett
  • Publishing date: 12/10/1986
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780449213506
  • ISBN: 0449213501


Based on the Andrew Carnegie formula for money-making, THE MASTER-KEY TO RICHES describes in step-by-step detail today's greatest practical philosophy of success....This amazing philosophy, culled from the success experiences of hundreds of the world's most powerful and wealthy men, will show you how to succeed in any walk of life.

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  • "Timeless in advise and application"
    From Amazon

    This book contains much of the same material as his other books I've read: Think and Grow Rich, and Law of Success. These same concepts have been used by virtually every motivational prophet ever since. The cool thing about Hill, he pioneered this stuff in the early 20th century. I'm quite sure he made a bundle from his great books, and deservedly so.
    Obviously the advise given in this genre of book will be of absolutely no value unless applied step by step. Take the necessary steps and you will see a great change in your life. Whether or not you will become financially wealthy--who knows. One thing for certain, you'll be better off than you would have had you not taken the steps outlined.

  • A condensed version of Think & Grow Rich
    From Amazon

    The Master Key to Riches is 209 pages and 10 chapters of wisdom. Someof what was in Think & Grow Rich is in here and there is much that is not.

    In this great book you will learn:

    * The 12 riches of life

    * The 8 princes

    * Definiteness of purpose

    * The habit of going the extra mile

    * Love, the true emancipator of mankind

    * The Master Mind

    * Applied Faith

    * The law of cosmic habitforce

    * Self-Discipline

    and much more.

    The Master Key to Riches is based on the Andrew Carnegie formula for money making. Updated and modern from Think & Grow Rich, The Master Key to Riches describles in step by step detail todays greatest practical philosophy of success. This amazing philosophy, organized from the success experiences of hundred's of the the world's most powerful and wealthy men, will show you how to succeed in any walk of life.

    Read this book. The Master Key to Riches will change your whole life....for the better.

  • Decent read, but the suggestions will probably be dismissed
    From Amazon

    You have to have a certain level of maturity or fandom to really appreciate Napoleon Hill. Many of the pearls of wisdom he has only make sense in hindsight. If you're adding this book to your Napoleon Hill collection, you'll love it.

    If you've never read Hill before, you might have a hard time adjusting to him... and in that case, this review is meant for you.

    The subject of this book is supposedly the business philosophy of Andrew Carnegie, as requested by Carnegie. I don't think this essay was quite what he wanted, though. The book may have some jewels of ideas in it, but it's so horribly written that they'll slip past you without notice, or be so mangled that you just won't care.

    I don't really have the overly paranoid "Satan-is-coming!" view of this book that the reviewer a few slots before me does, but I suggest you read his qualms - it's a good overview of the truly weird New Age-ish approach this book takes. Instead of saying, "Be grateful for what you've got," Mr. Hill suggests you sit down with an imaginary "Eight Princes" around a table once a day, each named for something you're grateful for, and thank them. Um. Yeah. Loads of that sort of thing in here.

    And the whole book reads like an infomercial. "We'll get to the Master Key soon... but first... let me tell you about this other exciting opportunity!" In fact, he tells you the Master Key in the very last sentences of the book(!), I suppose so you'll bother to read the rest.

    The Master Key is absolutely a golden idea, truly. I just wouldn't suggest *this* book as an introduction to it.

    Spoiler: don't read the rest of this review if you don't want to know the juicy tidbits.

    The important ideas that this book actually gives you:
    1) The Master Key: "You are in control of your own mind." You're in control of everything from which commercial music it listens to, to what your purpose will be in life and how you plan to get there. It may take a month or two of contemplation to truly "get" this and realize how powerful it can be.
    2) "Going the extra mile." This is great for business; my roommate just got an award with exactly those words written on it.
    3) "Positive Mental Attitude." This is SO important to health, opportunities, and quality of life, but Mr. Hill's ramblings don't go into all of that. Most of his chapters' ideas -- "When you're ready, an opportunity will appear," "Have faith in the outcome," "Do it, and you'll have the power," "The universe will align itself to your purposes," etc. -- are ALL wrapped up in this one principle, but even he didn't seem to understand it was all *perspective* and not some sort of mysterious "law of cosmic habitforce" (yes, he actually uses phrases like that!!!).

    In conclusion: Get this book if you're interested in digging up info about Carnegie. Otherwise, get "The New Feeling Good Handbook" by David Burns; "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen R. Covey; and "Learned Optimism" by Martin Seligman - to learn the points above, respectively, in a much less confusing manner.

  • Better than Think and grow rich!
    From Amazon

    After reading Thinkand grow rich I really liked Mr. Hill but found some of his teachings strange. This book on the other hand was great, it had good info and it made a point (that the master key to riches is your mind). I really enjoyed this book. One problem is that much of the teachings come from a new age background, without going into great detail I will just say that one should use disernment while reading this book it has great stuff but also some dangerous stuff.

  • Learn what Success truely means and what it takes.
    From Amazon

    Though the book is sometimes a little difficult to understand it nicely lays out the THOUGHT PROCESS of a successful person - not just financially but in other aspects of life as well. It takes patience to read this one, but if you get what Napolean Hill is trying to put through (over 20 years of research of the most successful individuals) you are really getting a MASTER KEY to riches by understanding the SUCCESS PRINCIPLES!

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