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Master-key To Riches, The

by Napoleon Hill
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  • Publisher: Ballantine Books
  • Publishing date: 27/08/1997
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780449001110
  • ISBN: 0449001113


Abridged CDs • 4 CDs, 4 hours

The Master-Key to Riches is the blueprint that Napoleon Hill placed in the hands of those who would teach and perfect his success methods. Now revised and updated for the twenty-first century to avoid arcane language or points of reference.

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  • The Master Key to Riches (Dover Empower your Life Series)
    From Amazon

    What a great read! This book by Napoleon Hill complements his "Think and Grow Rich" book rather well. One must make sure to follow his steps to the T in acquiring financial freedom.

  • Perfect for listening in the car and for any lending library general or business!
    From Amazon

    Joel Fotinos, a VP at Penguin Group, narrates this fine audiobook offering the blueprint for Napoleon Hill's wealth strategy to listeners who would understand 'cosmic habitforce', sharing wealth, and more. It's an outstanding guide to wealth-building and riches and is especially lively in audio format, perfect for listening in the car and for any lending library general or business!

  • 5 stars for content; 2 stars for the format
    From Amazon

    Avoid any edition from bnpublishing -- this is the second I have unsuspectingly bought and both are laid out exceptionally poorly, to the point that they are difficult to read. I think this book was taken from an ASCII text file in the public domain, copied and pasted into Microsoft Word, then printed. It is that amateurish. If you can get past the hard-to-read format (weird line breaks, missing paragraph indentations, typos, etc.) this book will change your life.

  • The Master Key To Riches is SUPERB!
    From Amazon

    I have long been a big fan of Napolean Hill. Read Think & Grow Rich back in 1975 and have been adding additional books and tapes by Hill especially ever since. Some people ask, "If we have already read Think & Grow Rich" why spend the money on another book by Hill and why this one. Here are some reasons: The Master Key to Riches is 209 pages and 10 chapters of wisdom. Some of what was in Think & Grow Rich is repeated in here and there is much that is not in Think & Grow Rich. The book is more like having a personal conversation with Hill. In this great book you will learn: * The 12 riches of life * The 8 princes * Definiteness of purpose * The habit of going the extra mile * Love, the true emancipator of mankind * The Master Mind * Applied Faith * The law of cosmic habitforce * Self-Discipline and much more. I always recommend Think & Grow Rich first to anyone new to the Hill philosophy. This would be a great second book. And once you are convinced, then get The Law Of Success. This is 1,000 pages and is based on the actual lectures that Hill conducted over 70 years ago. Another Hill program that is a must is Your Right To Be Rich. This is 12 hours of lecture material recorded back in 1954. Good mental protein. You'll love The Master Key To Riches. Easy read with timeless advice. CONTENTS THINK I. THE BEGINNING OF ALL RICHES . . . II. THE TWELVE RICHES OF LIFE . . . III. THE EIGHT PRINCES . . . IV. DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE . . . V. THE HABIT OF GOING THE EXTRA MILE . . . VI. LOVE, THE TRUE EMANCIPATOR OF MANKIND . . . VII. THE MASTER MIND . . . VIII. ANDREW CARNEGIE'S ANALYSIS OF THE MASTER MIND PRINCIPLE . . . IX. APPLIED FAITH . . . X. THE LAW OF COSMIC HABITFORCE . . . XI. SELF-DISCIPLINE . . . The Master Key to Riches is based on the Andrew Carnegie formula for money making. Updated and modern from Think & Grow Rich, The Master Key to Riches describles in step by step detail todays greatest practical philosophy of success. This amazing philosophy, organized from the success experiences of hundred's of the the world's most powerful and wealthy men, will show you how to succeed in any walk of life. Read this book. The Master Key to Riches will change your whole life....for the better.

  • "Timeless in advise and application"
    From Amazon

    This book contains much of the same material as his other books I've read: Think and Grow Rich, and Law of Success. These same concepts have been used by virtually every motivational prophet ever since. The cool thing about Hill, he pioneered this stuff in the early 20th century. I'm quite sure he made a bundle from his great books, and deservedly so. Obviously the advise given in this genre of book will be of absolutely no value unless applied step by step. Take the necessary steps and you will see a great change in your life. Whether or not you will become financially wealthy--who knows. One thing for certain, you'll be better off than you would have had you not taken the steps outlined.

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