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The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

by C. S. Lewis
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  • Publisher: HarperAudio
  • Publishing date: 01/06/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780060793333
  • ISBN: 0060793333


In the never-ending war between good and evil, The Chronicles of Narnia set the stage for battles of epic proportions. Some take place in vast fields, where the forces of light and darkness clash. But other battles occur within the small chambers of the heart and are equally decisive.

Journeys to the ends of the world, fantastic creatures, betrayals, heroic deeds, and friendships won and lost -- all come together in an unforgettable world of magic. So open the door and enter a new world.

Performed by Michael York

Enhanced CD: Put this CD in your computer to view a gallery of Pauline Baynes' classic color illustrations, and access Narnia weblinks.

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  • If you like this story, buy it, as the audio production is top notch!
    From Amazon

    This is my least favorite of the Narnia stories, and always has been. Either it's because I read this one first, and have read it more times than the others, or it's because I just generally find the others to be more fascinating. Either way, I listened to it as I am going through all the Narnia stories in audio form, for yet another reread of these stories that I have been reading since grade school. This story is a fantasy take on the resurrection of Christ. The Christ like figure is the lion Aslan, and the son of the creator (emperor) of Narnia. 4 children from England during WWII find their way into this fantasy land by a wardrobe that exists in their uncle's house. The children are humans and Narnia is a land of fairy creatures and talking animals. But the children are here by Aslan, and they are to save his creation. The voice acting on this story was excellent, one of the best I've heard. The actor must of has 20 different voices for all the characters. So this was a very good production of the story in audio form.

  • Disappointing product due to faulty packaging
    From Amazon

    After two attempts to order and receive an audio version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, I am still without this product which I had purchased for my daughter for Christmas. Even though I am hopeful that Amazon will be able to locate the source of the faulty packaging, my purchase will not be replaced. I will have to take my business elsewhere for this product. Needless to say, I am disappointed. S. Fox

  • Excellent choice for true character voice readings
    From Amazon

    I teach this novel to fifth graders and loved having an audio rendition of the novel that included a differentiation of the readers voice to indicate the character speaking. Highly recommend this audio cd.

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