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The Grooming Of Alice

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
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  • Publisher: Pocket Books
  • Publishing date: 03/09/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780743469029
  • ISBN: 074346902x


The Most Exciting Summer of Their Lives

That's what Pamela says about the summer before ninth grade, and she, Alice, and Elizabeth are determined to make the most of it. All three girls are getting into shape for the new school year by jogging three miles a day and cutting down on junk food, and Alice is enjoying her volunteer job at the local hospital.

But things keep happening that Alice hadn't counted on. Her satisfaction with her job is marred by an unexpected sorrow. Her attempt to be a loyal friend to Pamela gets her in trouble with her father and brother, big time. And both she and Pamela are afraid that Elizabeth may be taking her efforts to lose weight too seriously. Could the most exciting summer of their lives be a little too exciting?

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  • Funny and real
    From Amazon

    The summer before high school, Alice and her friends Pamela and Elizabeth are determined to get ready. They begin a strict new regiment, jogging each day and cutting down on junk food.

    But Elizabeth doesn't seem to know when to stop. Soon she's on the verge of an eating disorder and real emotional problems, and her friends don't know how to help her. And Pamela - rebelling against her life with her newly-divorced father - hides in Alice's house when her father comes looking for her, creating real problems for both herself and Alice.

    Meanwhile, Alice and her friend Gwen volunteer at the local hospital, where Alice is overjoyed to meet up with her favorite elementary school teacher again. However, her happiness is shortlived when it's quickly apparent that Mrs. Plotkin's medical issues are quite severe...

    Readers will enjoy hearing about Alice, who is just a regular girl facing ordinary problems, but in such a spirited and humorous way, they won't be able to stop until they find out Alice will, in fact, be okay in the end...

  • I laughed out loud
    From Amazon

    This is the second Alice book I've read (after Alice on the Outside) and NOW I understand the popularity of this series. I thought "Alice on the Outside" was a little too mature in subject matter, but "The Grooming of Alice" seemed exactly right.

    Plus I really enjoyed this story a lot more. Many parts made me laugh out loud (and you really get some weird stares when you do that) and one part made me want to cry. When I get that involved with a story, I know it's good. Plus Alice's problems (and her friends' problems) seemed very realistic.

    I enjoyed this book a whole lot and plan now to read the next Alice book. And the next...

  • Kathryn ...
    From Amazon

    The story was mostly about three girls names Alice, Pamela, and Elizabeth. The girls have known each other about three years. They have just come out of middle school and will be starting high school and decides they don't want to go into high school the same way they came out of middle school. They find so much wrong with themselves
    ( not so much Alice) that thye go on this diet or this excercis program together where they cut out sweets, pizza, and etc. and start jogging every morning. For Elizabeth this gets out of control and looses six pounds too much weight. While this is going on Alice and Pamela have other problems. Like, for instance Alice's summer job with her other friend named Gwen at the local hospital doing volunteer work. While at work Alice finds out that one of her sixth grade teachers is there and soon passes on. Now Pamela's mother ran off with her boyfriend to Colorado and she is also fighting with her dad. So this book is fiiled with drama. This ends when her dad decides to remarry and they are ready to go to the ninth grade.
    I really enjoyed this book because it deals with some of the basic problems some of us teenagers are faced with day to day. I also enjoyes this book because of the ending and the way they dealed with their problems.

  • Love at first sight with this book!!!
    From Amazon

    This great story and makes the reader feel confident. It also makes the reader blush redder, as I have said in my other reviews of the Alice books. Some may feel it is inapropriate, but I disagree without hesitation. It's not gross, it's realistic. A lot of girls are kissing their boyfriends on eyelids--not all of them, but a lot--and the descriptions of certain body parts at the YMCA are--again--realistic, that is what is going to happen if you go to those kinds of classes and are in a pretty serious relationship. If anything, this book and all the others in the series are PREPARING girls for what is going to take place as they mature. That's my opinon.

    5 Stars!!!

    BlEsSeD bE!!!

  • It's great for what it is, but the age group is off
    From Amazon

    People who only rate "Classics" at 5 stars are missing a point. You should take a book for what it's supposed to be and decide how well it measured up to its own goal, otherwise all children's books would be two stars or less, when for children's books they are wonderful.

    With that in mind, I give THE GROOMING OF ALICE four stars. It aimed to be informative, simple, cute, light and sweet, with a few morals slipped in too. It measured up to all those things quite nicely, but it lacked the creative, polished spark of Harry Potter or the beautiful writing of "Classics" such as THE GOLDEN COMPASS.

    The sitcom-type story is played out well and deftly in a simple, sweet prose in Alice's first person--so far, so good. But the problem (and the reason I took off a star) is that the intended reader age is not clear. SOME people think that references to sex, explicit descriptions of body parts at a YMCA class Alice and her friends attend, anorexia and kissing 14-year-old boyfriends on eyelids at neighborhood pools make this book unsuitable for the under-13 crowd. And this must be hard for Miss Naylor, to write truthfully about what goes on with teenagers without being vulgar. However, the simple writing and continuation of a younger girls' series makes this book more appealing to girls age 10 and 11. Most people think that girls that age are too young to be hearing about the above issues so candidly explained. So, read the story and decide for yourself. You'll find it passes time most enjoyably.

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