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Fizzy Whizz Kid, The

by Maiya Williams
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Amulet Books
  • Publishing date: 01/03/2010
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780810983472
  • ISBN: 0810983478


Readers will laugh along with all the misadventures—and sneak a peek behind the Hollywood curtain—in this sweet and funny novel.

When Mitchell Mathis moves to Hollywood with his academic parents, he soon realizes he’s the only ordinary kid in a school of the powerful and famous. There’s Skywalker Wong, whose parents are special effects gurus. And Julia Jodie Schwartz, named after her agent father’s two highest-earning clients. And Dash Silverman, whose parents write the movies that everyone else seems to have memorized. In an attempt to feel like less of an outsider, Mitch goes to an open casting call, where he ends up being cast in a soda commercial that launches a popular catchphrase. Suddenly he’s on TV, signing autographs, and riding in limos. But when the ad starts getting negative attention and he doesn’t have time for his old friends and interests, fame doesn’t seem like so much fun anymore. He’ll need all his “acting” skills—and the help of his Hollywood-savvy classmates—to figure out how to go back to being a normal kid again.
Praise for the work of Maiya Williams
BookSense Pick
International Reading Association Intermediate Fiction Award
Southern California Booksellers’ Association Children’s Book Prize
“The fast-paced plot and smooth transition from everyday life to fantasy adventure make this a good choice for reluctant readers.” —School Library Journal
“Fast-paced historical hi-jinks . . .” —VOYA
“Vivid . . . deftly combines fantasy and historical fiction . . . It’s a trip well worth the time.” —New York Times Book Review
“Action-packed and laden with good-natured humor, Williams’s tale is a journey worth taking.” —Publishers Weekly

Praise for The Fizzy Whiz Kid

"Seriously committed film industry wannabes as well as erstwhile daydreamers will find a lot of good information here about how Hollywood magic gets made.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Williams’ breezy tale is as addictive and bubbly as a Fizzy Whiz itself, and her experience in the entertainment industry packs real value into her descriptions of auditions, movie sets, and agent negotiations.” —Booklist

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  • Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children
    From Amazon

    As a result of all the moves his family already made, Mitch had learned the golden rule of fitting in at any new school: do not stand out. Mitch tried his best to follow this rule when another job change caused his family to move to Hollywood, California. However, blending in proved exceedingly difficult when just about every kid in the new school had some sort of personal connection to the entertainment industry. Mitch's parents did not even own a television, and he had never seen a single installment of Star Wars. Little did Mitch realize how quickly a casting call for fresh talent could transform him from a school nobody into a hot new superstar. Landing the role of the fizzy whiz kid in a commercial for a sugary soda seemed like the ticket to respect and friendship that he so desperately wanted at school. It also stirred up interest in learning more about the film industry, an interest he never knew he had. Yet the benefits of celebrity proved to entail tradeoffs that Mitch had not anticipated. Could he adjust to this new lifestyle while protecting the values that had hitherto defined his identity? This novel serves up a satisfying blend of substance and fun as the lead character, a well-intentioned yet somewhat naïve sixth grader, navigates his way through the Hollywood scene. Reflecting her own experience-based knowledge of the entertainment industry, the author does a superb job in describing the different occupations involved in film and television production as well as the dynamics of working on set. The Fizzy Whiz Kid is as refreshing and memorable as the title suggests.

  • The Hollywood life....with a lotta laughts
    From Amazon

    Mitch Mathis, age 12, 6th grade, hates being the new kid at Cecil B. DeMille school in Los Angeles, California. His classmates Skywalker, Dash, JJ and Tangerine Dream all seem to live in glamorous houses, with glamorous parents who have movie-related and very glamorous jobs. They know all about points, and agents and "hitting your mark." Mitch's life seems dull to the point of embarrassing in comparison. CUT TO: MITCH at an open casting call. CUT TO: MITCH again: he gets the commercial and finds himself unexpectedly a star. I loved "listening" to Mitch and his adventures as he experiences the upside and downside of fame. His lists will keep you laughing, and the book has the voice of a good-natured kiddo, grounded in reality but living in the unreal world of Hollywood, USA.

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