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The Culinary Heritage Of Lebanon

by Chef Ramzi N. Choueri
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  • Publishing date: 2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9789953007533
  • ISBN: 9953007535


This volume includes expanded and modified Lebanese recipes, both familiar and traditional. The recipes were compiled after Chef Ramzi conducted a tour of all Lebanese regions. A visitor to the villages and a personal guest in homes, he delved into the rich history, tradition, and ingredients of the savoury Lebanese cuisine. He discovered hundreds of old recipes; he revised and organized ingredients; and he facilitated and tested each recipe to produce practical, easy-to- make recipes. The recipes are accompanied by panoramic photographs of the breathtaking Lebanese countryside and historical sites. This volume is originally written in Arabic and has also been translated into French (Patrimoine Culinaire du Liban) and Portuguese (O Patrimonio Culinario Do Libano) The hardcover edition comprises 650 recipes in 736 pages.

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