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      The Client

      by John Grisham
      Our price: LBP 43,800 / $ 29.20Unavailable
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Dell Publishing Company, Inc.
      • Publishing date: 01/03/1994
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780440213529
      • ISBN: 0440213525


      In a weedy lot on the outskirts of memphis, two  boys watch a shiny Lincoln pull upt ot the  curb... Eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his younger brother  were sharing a forbidden cigarrette when a chance  encounter with a suicidal laywer left Mark knowing  a bloody and explosive secret: the whereabouts of  the most sought-after dead body in America. Now  Mark is caught between a legal system gone mad  and a mob killer desperate to cover up his crime.  And his only ally is a woman named Reggie Love,  who has been a lawyer for all of four years.  Prosecutors are willing to break all the rules to make  Mark talk. The mob will stop at nothing to keep  him quiet. And Reggie will do anything to protect  her client -- even take a last, desperate gamble  that could win Mark his freedom... or cost them  both their lives.

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      • Engrossing, Entertaining, and Emotional. What else do you want?
        From Amazon

        THE CLIENT is one of my favorite books. It is superbly entertaining and immensely engrossing book that you aren't able to put down at all. Plus, it has constant emotional depth that leads to the unexpectedly tear-jerking ending.
        I won't tell you about the plot, since you can get that elsewhere. I'm writing this so you will read this book.
        Many of the complaints from other customers are about the fact that this book seems made to film. True, it does, but it's not anywhere near the point to where it lacks any depth. The characters are perfectly developed, and the dialouge is snappy and smart. Every part of the book is utterly thrilling and the entire 566 page book is a fast, enjoyable ride. Highly recommended.

      • Horrible
        From Amazon

        This was one of the worst books I've ever read. Normally, I really like Grisham's works, but this was just terrible. The plot was very weak and the characters were unbelievable. The "bad guys" are FBI and attorneys trying to solve a murder. The "good guy" is an 11 year old boy, who won't talk about what he knows. The story is completely ridiculous and the boy's attorney makes everything overly complicated. The characters were just completely unbelievable. And he made the "bad guys" completely incompetent.

        I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone.

      • Similar, but not as good as his others
        From Amazon

        The story is about a little boy who learns the location of a murder victims body, but refuses to tell the FBI the information.

        Usually I like Grisham. He's an easy read, there's good suspense and the locations and characters are interesting. This one had some of the usual Grisham oddities: demonization of prosecuters and policeman, lionization of defense attorneys, seeming endorsement of illegal activities (obstruction, blackmail) by the hero and his lawyer.

        This time in addition, there's strawman-like attempts to characterize the Republicant prosectur as a bad guy (he even says the guy doesn't sleep with his wife...little gratitious and below the belt) and to make the lawyer personally sympathetic (from her divorce, etc.) But the whole thing is so trite that it never even starts to work.

        Add on to that, that the plot makes zero sense. Why does the kid rationally not reveal the information, why does he not give it anonymously, why the reluctance for WP and then the decision to enter it anyway?

        I got so disengaged that I skimmed the last half of the book. Read THE FIRM instead.

      • A 11yr. old, a lawyer and the Mafia
        From Amazon

        If one was to go merely by the reviews online this book would have been overlooked. This book has everything a 'good book' should have. The book opens up with Mark, a 11 year old boy who is in the woods smoking with his younger brother, Rick. They see a black car pull up and watch in suspense as a man attempts to committ suicide. You have to get this book to find out the whole story. I loved it from the beginning to the end! I most definitely will be reading more books by him.

        Highly recommend!

      • Dragged out and Predictable
        From Amazon

        Eleven year old Mark Sway only wanted to go out for a smoke and relax when he encountered a suicidal man. As he tried to stop the suicide, Mark learned a dark secret, the location of a dead senator's body. Now the FBI is after him for that vary secret, and the Mafia is after him, in hopes of silencing him. Who will get to him first?

        The novel held a promising plot that went down hill when things were dragged out and utterly predictable. Throughout the whole 500 plus page novel, Mark debated the pros and cons of telling the FBI the location of the senator's body, which was obvious that at the end, he was going to spill it anyways. Then, throughout the whole book, The Blade (the senator's killer) was satisfied with where the body was buried, but when Mark decided to dig it up, The Blade decided on the same thing at the same time, just to add some predictable suspense. In general, there wasn't enough conflict or intrigue, while the same things kept happening over and over again. The only reason I gave this book three stars was because Mark was an enjoyable character and I enjoyed the mob aspect of the plot.

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