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The Breakaway Brand: How Great Brands Stand Out

by Francis Kelly, Barry Silverstein
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  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill
  • Publishing date: 09/09/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0072262370


Discover the Secrets Behind 50 of the World's Most Successful Brands

What would happen if your brand were out of stock in a retail store? Would a customer wait until it becomes available, travel to another store to buy it...or purchase another brand instead? This is a brand’s moment of truth.

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, only a select few brands truly rise above the competition. That’s what The Breakaway Brand is about. It’s about the brand that stands out, not just in its own product category, but from all other brands. It’s about the brand that achieves huge results. It’s about the brand that breaks away.

Drawing from their experiences at Arnold Worldwide, one of the leading and most innovative advertising agencies in the business, branding experts Francis Kelly and Barry Silverstein reveal what it takes to create a breakaway brand and how today’s great brands execute breakaway campaigns, packaging, and promotion. You’ll get an inside look at such phenomenally successful brands as Apple, Nike, Volkswagen, JetBlue, Starbucks, and many others, and you’ll find out how you can apply their breakaway strategies in your own organization. Discover how a breakaway brand:

• Is positioned for success

• Continuously innovates

• Connects with its audience

• Establishes brand leadership

• Delivers brand truth and consistency

• Stands out with exceptional campaigns and unique packaging

• Uses the Internet for breakaway marketing

Kelly and Silverstein also take you inside the mind of the breakaway chief, revealing the level of dedication, vision, and leadership required of CEOs, COOs, and CMOs to foster breakaway brands.

It isn’t easy for brands to break away. But it can be done, and The Breakaway Brand shows you how to “Think Different,” “Just do it,” and create a truly revolutionary and sustainable brand.


“A breakaway book. The authors know their subject matter and bring new insights and ‘to do’s’ to every serious marketer.” —Peter Klein, SVP, Strategy and Business Development, The Gillette Company

“The book will make you scratch your head and think, ‘Why aren’t we doing that?’ A must-read.” —Liz Vanzura, Global Marketing Director, HUMMER, General Motors Corporation

“Not a me-too marketing book...worth its weight in gold to brand marketers who want to dominate over the long term.” —Wenda Harris Millard, Chief Sales Officer, YAHOO! Inc.

“A powerful primer on building great brands...Must-reading for those who aspire to lead championship brands.” —Steven Wilhite, SVP, Global Marketing, Nissan Motor Company

“Filled with practical advice and real-world examples from senior executives who are true pros at creating advertising for breakaway brands.” —Gail McGovern, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School

“Documents how the best of the best are not only attacking today’s challenges, but thriving.” —Jeff Hicks, CEO/President, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

“Captures what successful brand-building is all about.” —John Costello, EVP, Merchandising & Marketing, The Home Depot

“[Takes] an extraordinarily complex marketing issue and breaks it down into something simple you can apply to your business.” —David Lubars, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, BBDO North America

“Clearly, the authors understand the mechanics of getting brands to operate at optimum potential.” —Lee Ann Daly, EVP, Marketing, ESPN, Inc.

“A truly unusual look ‘inside’ at what it takes to be great by many of the best in business today.” —Jeffrey J. Jones II, EVP, Global Marketing, Gap, Inc.

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  • Good read!
    From Amazon

    This is a book which carries a good flow for light reading. Not a break-away book about brand mantras. But the examples are quite impressive and help in understanding how brands have been successful in the past.

  • Getting To Great In Real Life
    From Amazon

    Almost everyone thinks they are an advertising and branding expert. Every branding book author offers a simple formula for success. Yet very few brands achieve breakaway brand status like Nike, Apple, VW, Absolut, Southwest, Jet Blue, Fed Ex, UPS, Altoids or the Boston Red Sox. This book offers close up insights into how these really great brands got built. Readers truly driven to do better branding will find this read unique and helpful. No fluff here. The Breakaway Brand is a smart read for any marketing or advertising student trying to take it to a higher level.

  • For every marketing student
    From Amazon

    After reading The Breakaway Brand this fall, I have made it required reading for my marketing students. With each chapter guiding readers on the principles of effective branding, students are learning the success stories of marketing greats like Nike, Apple, Absolut, and Ben & Jerry's. This book makes all the pieces of the marketing puzzle come together - from naming a product, to celebrity endorsements to even street team marketing.

  • an engaging and thoughtful read
    From Amazon

    I've read a number of marketing and communications books in my career, and often my eyes glaze over by the third chapter. I didn't find that happening with this book. Its easy and engaging language and straightforward approach to uncovering a brand's truth was refreshing. We consumers know the great brands out there, because somehow they've established a personal connection with us - something we can't always name. This book helped explain the "how" and "why" of those connections.

    This would be a very useful text for college and grad students in marketing and communications - many of the brand references are relevant to them.

  • Not worth reading. Definitely not worth buying.
    From Amazon

    I am a small businessowner and have read a number of books on branding. I am always on the look out for books about branding that: 1) offer insights into and analysis of companies that have created strong brands, 2) suggest strategies and ideas that I can apply to my own company, and/or 3) discuss successful branding makeovers.

    The "Breakaway Brand" did none of these things. This book was full of the most basic, general, and surface analysis of companies. I'm not an expert on brands by any means, but I could have come up with some of the "insights" that are offered in this book.

    The book claims to "provide secrets behind 50 of the world's most succesesful brands." Not only are there no real secrets shared, but the same companies are analyzed and used as examples over and over again. If you read business magazines or books, or read the major business newspaper headlines, you probably have read most of the analysis and information about the well known companies from this book: Volkswagen, IBM, Coca-Cola, Silk Soy Milk, Jet Blue, Southwest, Royal Carribbean, Target, Apple, Dell.

    After a while I started highlighting passages that were particularly unhelpful. Here's one example:

    "Breakaway campaigns like Nike's, Apple's, and Volkswagen's have something else in common: teamwork. Great campaigns are a team sport--they require a partnership between a brand owner, all of its divisions, and its agency to create great campaigns. Just as important, it takes a CMO and CEO with the vision, guts, and determination to take risks, to innovate instead of imitate, and to demand that their organization and advertising agency deliver a breakaway campaign."

    Another example of completely unhelpful "insights." Here are some examples they provide as "the economic levers of breakaway brand campaigns:"

    -Increases in brand awareness
    -Increases in advertising awareness
    -Sales gain
    -Increased brand loyalty
    -Increased margins
    -Strong trade loyalty
    -Increased positive press
    -Free marketplace "buzz"

    Don't waste your money on this book. Read Marc Gobe's "Emotional Branding" if you're looking for a well-written book, written by an innovator in the business of branding, that provides insights into and behind-the-scenes stories of some of the most successful brands.

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