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Best Of "alex" 2006, The: 2006

by Charles Peattie, Russell Taylor
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  • Publisher: Prion Books Ltd
  • Publishing date: 02/10/2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781853756054
  • ISBN: 1853756059


It's been a dramatic year at international investment bank Megabank, as detailed on the business pages of the "Daily Telegraph". The wet and generally hopeless Clive's unlikely tenure as head of department comes to a predictable end and he is moved sideways to head up the non-existent department of Client Focus Liaison. Before too long, he finds himself once again out in the cold as he and Alex take a Christmas trip to the Land of Narnia. As bonus time comes round, Alex will stop at nothing to enhance his prospects: even to the extent of embarking on an affair with a female client. However, to his dismay, his new boss proves to be a workaholic and frankly, quite mad American. This title features all this plus a celebrity cameo from Prince William as Megabank's work experience summer intern.

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  • Simply one of the best cartoons around
    From Amazon

    What Dilbert is to engineering world, Alex is to the financial world. In case you don't know the strip, Alex is an investment banker in London. Whereas Dilbert focuses on dumb bosses, idiotic vision statements, useless meetings and annoying co-workers, Alex's depicts life in the City, with a workaholic boss, the pursuit of the year-end bonus, the use and abuse of "graduate trainees", and, above all, the constant worry of trying to be wealthier, or at least, appear to be wealthier than your colleagues. The humour is top notch, and in my opinion, superior to Dilbert and many other comic strips. Before you buy, check out the strip online:

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