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Accidental Billionaires, The: The Founding Of Facebook: A Tale Of Sex, Money, Genius And Betrayal

by Ben Mezrich
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  • Publisher: Anchor
  • Publishing date: 04/05/2010
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780767931557
  • ISBN: 0767931556


Amazon Exclusive: Kevin Spacey on The Accidental Billionaires

Kevin Spacey’s films include Superman Returns, Beyond the Sea, The Usual Suspects, American Beauty, Swimming with Sharks, Seven, L.A. Confidential, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Negotiator, Hurlyburly, K-Pax, and The Shipping News. He will next be seen in Men Who Stare at Goats opposite George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, and Jeff Bridges, as well as Nick Moran’s film Telstar opposite Colm O’Neil and Pam Ferris. Read his exclusive Amazon guest review of The Accidental Billionaires:

I first met Ben Mezrich when I produced and starred in 21, the film adaptation of his great bestseller Bringing Down the House. Ben has a gift for finding high-energy, strange-but-true tales and The Accidental Billionaires is no exception.

You may think you know the story of the Facebook phenomenon, but you haven’t heard the whole story and never like this. Recreating the unbelievable rise of the world's biggest social network—not to mention the planet's youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg—Ben tells a captivating story of betrayal, vast amounts of cash, and two friends who revolutionized the way humans connect to one another—only to have an enormous falling out and never speak again.

Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg were two geeky, socially awkward Harvard undergrads who wanted nothing more than to be cool. While Eduardo chose the more straightforward path of trying to gain acceptance into one of the school's ultra-posh, semi-secret Final Clubs, Mark used his computer skills by hacking into Harvard's computers, pulling up all the pictures of every girl on campus to create a sort of "hot-or-not" site exclusive to Harvard. Though the prank nearly got Mark kicked out of college, he and Eduardo realized that they were on to something big. Thus, the initial concept of Facebook was born; what happened next, however, was right out of a Hollywood thriller.

The Accidental Billionaires is the perfect pairing of author and subject. It's pure summer fun—a juicy, fast-paced, unputdownable Mezrich tale that adds to his canon of lad lit. And Hollywood has come calling again: I'm currently working with Dana Brunetti, Scott Rudin, Mike Deluca, and Aaron Sorkin on the movie adaptation of The Accidental Billionaires. If the book is any indication, the film is going to be a must see.—Kevin Spacey

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  • Very disappointing
    From Amazon

    "Bringing Down The House" was a good book, "Busting Vegas" was a decent read also, and "Ugly Americans" was entertaining enough. Mezrich's narrative style can wear a bit thin after a while (particularly when it becomes obvious that he's padding the dialogue and storyline a bit), but if the material is decent he's capable of producing a compelling if light read. Unfortunately though, I think he's sold out. It seems as if he's now seen as the go-to-guy for anonymous insider exposes of twenty-somethings who make money by unorthodox means, and clearly the pay is too good for him to pass up on even when the material is so poor that it should be passed on. "Rigged" was a good example of this, and sadly "Accidental Billionaires" is too. The former dragged you squirming and yawning through almost 300 pages as you waited for something to happen, yet nothing of interest did (are we really supposed to get excited about the Merc opening a franchise in Dubai?), leaving you ultimately wondering how the book even got published. Following the same formula, "Accidental Billionaires" is a mundane story of petty squabbling that in this case would be entirely uninteresting if it didn't involve the world's richest wunderkind. Like "Rigged", the characters are all one-dimensional, the dialogue is dreary, and the intrigue is remarkable only by its absence. This book should never have graduated beyond a magazine article. Reading it was like how I imagine it must be to watch the extended home movies of any tech zillionaire ... vaguely interesting for voyeuristic reasons for the first few minutes, but soon you're begging for it to end, and if the remote control is anywhere nearby you'll quickly be zapping thru it at 20x speed just to see if anything interesting happens (but nothing does). Unfortunately, even if you speed-read this one you'll wish you'd spent your time doing something more constructive.

  • another disappointment from him
    From Amazon

    all his books try to all supposedly true stories but all turn out to be starwar stories. if you have time to read this book, i would rather recommend you to get a copy of avatar

  • Disappointing
    From Amazon

    When the author thanks his Hollywood "brothers" for their help, one quickly senses a book angling for the silver screen. Admitting in the author's note that Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, would not talk with him, the author's story regresses to an inferential, hearsay apologia for those who may have assisted Zuckerberg along his way - but now chagrined - obviously did not possess the technological savvy, work ethic and the survival instincts of Zuckerberg. This is a shallow, generalized book, more like a long magazine article one might find in Vanity Fair. Mezrich is comfortable writing about Harvard, its crimson rugs, its wood paneled clubs but not with the technologies, the corporate legalities of contracts and corporate ownership, the actual machinations, an overview of Facebook or the real reason for its popularity.

  • If you are a Ben Mezrich Fan, Pass on Accidental Billionaires
    From Amazon

    I am a big Ben Mezrich fan. He is probably one of my favorite authors of all time for his capacity to educate and entertain. Even now I am wondering when his next book will be published, despite that fact the Accidental Billionaires was a huge steaming pile. I'll admit initially my expectations were high, but even after the first few pages when I realized this was going to be a different kind of just disappointed. The fact that AB is being published in paperback means he sold enough copies that he might get the wrong impression that he wrote a decent book. The big problem for me was that he did not get the story from Mark Z., so there aren't enough real details to dig your teeth into and the literary license he normally takes that adds some sparkle to the story, leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Its like just eating the marshmellows out of a box of Lucky Charms, without the substance of the oats, it just makes you sick.

  • Just Not Interesting
    From Amazon

    The main problem with this book is that the story of the founding of Facebook just isn't that interesting. It's not really book worthy at all, to be honest. It's about as straight line as one would expect the founding of an internet company to be. The "betrayal" is minor, and about the average level of credit grabbing one would expect from this type of venture. And I'm not even sure why sex is mentioned on the book cover. If you're still curious about it, check it out of a library. Do not even think of buying this book. Oh, and Kevin Spacey, halt development of a movie adaptation of this right now.

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