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Tao Oracle

by Ma Deva Padma
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Product Details

  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • Publishing date: 18/09/2002
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780312269982
  • ISBN: 0312269986


The first spiritual guide of its kind, the Tao Oracle ffers an exciting new look at the I Ching. Instead of cards and sticks, this clear, simple book unlocks the secrets of the I Ching using beautifully illustrated cards featuring paintings, symbols, colors, and key words. Speaking to the individual through the language of archetypes and symbolism, this guide reveals the deeper truth of the dynamics of change as it impacts daily life. Created by the same artist who created The Osho Zen Tarot, Tao Oracle offers a stunning and exciting spiritual journey like no other.

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  • Great Guidance
    From Amazon

    I really appreciate these Tao cards and the guidance they provide from Spirit. The cards themselves are beautiful works of art. Highly recommended.

  • A beautiful and meaningful gift
    From Amazon

    The Tao Oracle is SO different from any other insight deck that I have ever used. First, it is very clear. Second it always seems to provide that extra little bit of insight that I need whenever I use it. In a way it has become a trusted friend that I go to when I'm looking to understand what's REALLY going on in a given moment. I have given many Tao Oracle sets to friends maybe because mine was a gift to me.Without exception it has become a meaningful companion in their lives as well. So, if you are looking for something that will help to keep you in touch with "the bigger picture" and your "inner truth" then don't hesitate... this is it!

  • Insight, Self-Examination, & Clarity
    From Amazon

    I adore these cards. Sitting down and pulling a card spread is one of the most peaceful ways I know to examine where life has you at the current moment and how you feel about it. It is astonishing to me how insightful these cards can be - a great tool for contemplation that can be used over and over again. Stunningly easy, and absolutely beautiful! I use these cards for readings at the Tao Oracle Blog, TaoOracle.[...]. You can see many of the cards, and understand the insight they offer by viewing some of the readings there: I hope you'll visit. Angela

  • Wow! Some Easy to Use Cards For the 21st Century
    From Amazon

    Tao Oracle: An Illuminated New Approach to the I Ching The ancient Chinese book I Ching (or Yi Jing), is usually translated as "The Book of Changes". Another translation could be "The Book of Easiness," because that character "I" has a double meaning. In this new card pack -- Tao Oracle -- based on the ancient Chinese book, this second meaning of 'easy' might be more appropriate I think. Gone are the arcane, obscure, and somewhat convoluted passages of the original text -- replaced by Ma Deva Padma's totally fresh slant. Easy. Easy to view, easy to read, and easy to dive into the depths of. That doesn't mean that this pack of cards is for the novice only. Far from it. These beautiful and modern cards are windows to multi-layered mysteries of the human psychology and the human world that is our contemporary environment. They can take you as deep as you want to go. But you don't have to be a Taoist scholar to understand it all. The Tao Oracle brings eternal truths to you easily, and in a refreshingly modern way. Artist Padma has the knack here for putting into images (all original paintings by her, we're told in the accomanying book) what most of us are thinking about and feeling in our everyday lives anyway, though for us sometimes in a jumbled up way. The colorful (and sometimes quite enigmatic) cards take the viewer to an isolated part of this frequently complex life we live in, and "illuminate" it. That's a good word to describe what happens here -- illumination. From "Youthful Folly", to "Discipline", to "Oppression", the cards are lit up before you, allowed to soak in -- giving one the feeling that the viewer is free to utilize it to explore whatever insights they want relating to their own lives. No Madame Ryu "Love Potion #9" tarot card diviner ramming some truth down your throat here. To be honest, as a man who has never had the slightest interest really in tarot cards of any kind, Ma Padma's Tao Oracle comes as a real surprising eye-opener to me. I don't know or care anything about divination, fortune telling, throwing coins or sticks, or laying out cards. I just pick up the whole pack, and go through each card separately -- one by one. That's enough for me. More than enough. The pictures are gripping, the text is clear, and the experience is just great. You get the feeling that the creators of the Tao Oracle have the maturity of many real life experiences -- they're not just blowing smoke and tinkling colored glass. I give Ma Deva Padma a 5 star rating for this treasure, because that's all Amazon allows, but if I could, I'd give her all the stars in the universe that I could lay my hands on -- the Tao Oracle is that good.

  • The Tao Oracle: A mirror for self-enquiry.
    From Amazon

    This is a simple and beautiful way to work with the wisdom of I Ching. For years I was pulled to the I Ching but often felt lost when trying to relate the texts to my particular issues. This rework of the Ching makes it easy to grasp and the words feel very personal.I also enjoy how the book's text supports the cards. The artwork on each card is both subtle and powerful. The images alone, are enough reason to own this deck! I highly recommend the Tao Oracle for anyone interested in delving into self-enquiry.

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