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Steve Santa And The Black Nobility

by Mr. Emery J. Borka
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Product Details

  • Publisher: CreateSpace
  • Publishing date: 20110112
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781456316143
  • ISBN: 1456316141


The story starts when Heintje Westerveldt, Assistant High Commissioner for Protection and Operations of the UNHCR United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees receives an assignment to the Swiss headquarters. Heintje has a few vacation days to take before loosing them so she decided to return to her home town to visit with her mother still living in her West Friesland hometown of Sneek. On the flight from New York to Amsterdam, she has flashbacks about her very unhappy youth in that city. These flashbacks re-ignite all of the frustrating and heartbreaking treatment she received from her so-called friends at school when she was 10 years old. She remembered her letter to the Queen of Holland that started her mistreatment by her school friends mocking her because she wrote to the Queen asking that her father could get a job to help her poor family. The Queen's secretary had published letters written by children to the queen. Discussing old times with her mother and Gisla she obtained the only copy of the book published by the Queen's secretary kept secretly by Gisla’s father because all other copies were gathered up by agents of the BVD. Heintje’s mother read her letter and some of the other letters. She was struck by something special and troubling in several letters. Heintje was no specialist but she could see that there were hidden messages in the letters. "Odessa carried out partially. Stechovice not found, wrong codes." In Geneva Heintje met a colleague Charles-Edouard de Montembert-Marquis de Bussac and told him about the curious message for which she was not responsible. Charles-Edouard introduced Steve Santa to Heintje. Steve agrees to help Heintje solve the mystery and clear her name of whatever this was. They found that Odessa was a plan for smuggling high ranking Nazis out of Germany at the end of the WWII. The reference to Stechovice concerned a war treasure hidden in Stechovice in the Czech Republic and which had never been found. Heintje and Steve go to Stechovice to see if they could find out something. Heintje was kidnapped and drugged by Dutch secret service members to find out what she knew. Steve and Heintje go to the Vatican library in Rome to get more information then back to Nijmegen Holland to meet a journalist who had en extensive knowledge of the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility was a parallel organization to the Committee of 300 which wanted to rule the world by subversion. The journalist mentions of members of the Black Nobility in Andorra in the next week. In Andorra they are surveyed by the Bilderberg Group security men and there is a fight. Back to Paris, Ping returns from China. Heintje asks Charles-Edouard to take her with him for the birthday celebration of the Duke of Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral and the festivities at Versailles. There she is presented to the Duke of Paris who is impressed by her and instructs the Marquis Gilbert and Kendra Trebol de Montalembert to entertain Heintje. The couple invites her to their chateau Aymeri le Marquis. Heintje goes to the château Aymeri le Marquis with Ping as her handmaid. Ping profits by learning the existence of a limestone quarry under the chateau where the Marquis stores his Chablis wine. Steve remembers that it was a German aircraft repair facility in 1944. Steve informs his local friends about the mystery and they decide to investigate the limestone quarry together. They had solid suspicions that the Stechovice treasure and the Charter would be stored there. Steve, his local friends, Ping and Heintje make a midnight raid on the Quarry.

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