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Soldiers And Sailors Of France In The American War For Independence 1776-1783

by Captain Joachim Merlant
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  • Publisher: Blatter Press
  • Publishing date: 20070315
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406770698
  • ISBN: 1406770698


SOLDIERS AND SAILORS OF FRANCE IN THE AMERICAN WAR FOR INDEPENDENCE 1776-1783 From Yorktowns ruins, ranked and still, Two lines stretch far oer vale and hill Who curbs his steed at head of one Hark the low murmur WASHINGTON Who bends his keen approving glance Where down the gorgeous line of France Shine knightly star and plume of snow Thou too art victor, ROCHAMBEAU Whittier. TO MONSIEUR J. J. JUSSERAND AMBASSADOR OP FRANCE TO THE UNITED STATES AS A TRIBUTE OF RESPECT AND GRATITUDE AND SOUVENIR OF DAYS PASSED IN WASHINGTON IN 1916 JOACHIM MERLANT AUTHORS PREFACE From January 6th to May I3th, 1916, in about fifty American cities where I was welcomed by the Alliance Franfaise aux Etats-Unis et au Canada, from New York to San Francisco, from Chicago to New Orleans, I felt the heart-beat of a great nation. At that time the re public of Washington had already begun to recognize the fact that our cause was the same as its cause its work peaceful, ours hard and bloody namely, to fill the world with more compassion, justice, and dignity. I have seen this country restless, tormented with the thought of its present happy condition, while France and her allies were suffering heroically. From sym pathetic admiration among the most generous, who are usually the most far-seeing, there were growing signs of impatience, and a strong desire to come over and suffer with us. This is a book of truth and friendship needless to say, it lays no claim to erudition. I have simply had re course to memoirs, campaign journals, and correspon dence and as often as possible to original documents. For the diplomatic part I owe much to the voluminous work of Henri Doniol Histoire de la Participation de la France d VEtdblissement de VIndependance des Etats-Unis. In a book of noble inspiration, With Americans of Past and Present Days, by M. Jusserand, I have found some hitherto unedited data I have found some also in the vivid descriptions of the Viscount de Noailles Marins et Soldats Fran ais en Amirique. viii AUTHORS PREFACE At the mere mention of the name United States, M, Alfred Rebelliau, of the Acadimie des Sciences Morales et Politigues, curator of the Biblioihegue de VInstitut de France, gave me all the privileges of these institutions. To him as well as to M. Deh6rain, assistant curator, nothing appeared too difficult when rendering me as sistance in my various researches. JOACHIM MERLANT. MONTPELLIER, FRANCE, December, 1917. TRANSLATORS NOTE. Thanks are due Captain Bal densperger for his helpful criticism of the translation and to Mr. Stephen A. Hurlbut for rendering the French rhymes into English verse. CONTENTS PAGE AUTHORS PREFACE, CAPTAIN JOACHIM MERLANT. . . vii INTRODUCTION, CAPTAIN FERNAND BALDENSPERGER . xiii CHAPTER I. WHY FRANCE SYMPATHIZED WITH AMERICA OPINION MINISTRY i II. FRANKLIN IN PARIS-T-THE EQUIPMENT OF LA FAYETTES SHIP EVENTS OF THE WAR IN 1777 SARATOGA 18 III. TREATY OF COMMERCE AND FRIENDSHIP EVENTS OF THE WINTER AND SPRING OF 1778 38 IV. DESTAING IN AMERICA GERARD, MINISTER PLENIPOTENTIARY TO CONGRESS DIFFICULTY AND IMPORTANCE OF His ROLE His SUCCESS 58 V. WAR IN 1779 84 VI. ACTIVITY OF LA FAYETTE IN FRANCE POLITI CAL CRISIS IN THE UNITED STATES WASH INGTONS DETERMINATION 96 VII. THE EXPEDITIONARY CORPS OF ROCHAMBEAU THE DEFENSIVE CO-OPERATION OF THE FRENCH WITH THE AMERICANS in VIII. WINTER QUARTERS CHEVALIER DE CHASTEL LUX MAKES A TOUR CAMPAIGN OF WAR IN THE CAROLINAS EXPEDITION IN THE CHESAPEAKE EMBARRASSMENT OF THE PO LITICAL SITUATION IN EUROPE FIDELITY OF FRANCE 133 fc c CONTENTS HAPTER. PAGE IX. THE OFFENSIVE THE MARCH UPON YORKTOWN CAMPAIGN OF LA FAYETTE IN VIRGINIA YORKTOWN ATTACKED BY SEA AND LAND CAPITULATION 150 X. THE ARMY OF ROCHAMBEAU AFTER YORKTOWN THE WAR CEASES THE SQUADRON OF VAUDREUIL AT BOSTON FRANCO-AMERICAN FRIENDSHIP 184 XL A PEACE OF RECONCILIATION CONCLUSION ...

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