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Sold: One Woman''s True Account Of Modern Slavery

by Zana Muhsen, Andrew Crofts
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group
  • Publishing date: 01/09/1994
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780751509519
  • ISBN: 0751509515


Zana Muhsen, born and bred in Birmingham, is of Yemeni origin. When her father told her she was to spend a holiday with relatives in North Yemen, she jumped at the chance. Aged 15 and 13 respectively, Zana and her sister discovered that they had been literally sold into marriage, and that on their arrival they were virtually prisoners. They had to adapt to a completely alien way of life, with no running water, dung-plastered walls, frequent beatings, and the ordeal of childbirth on bare floors with only old women in attendance. After 8 years of misery and humiliation, Zana succeeded in escaping, but her sister is still there, and it seems likely that she will now never leave the country where she has spent more than half her life. This is an updated edition of Zana's account of her experiences.

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  • Amazingly Moving: A Must Read
    From Amazon

    I first encountered this book when a friend told me how great it was, and that both she and her sister had read it in only two days. I was intrigued, and borrowed it from my library - and I was enthralled. Not only is this a story wonderfully written, with a great flow that never lets you get bored, it is a TRUE story, one we should all be aware of. Living in Israel, a place so close to where this has taken place, I was especially touched by this book.
    Zana and Nadia, two British sisters born to a Yemini father, are the third and fourth children in their family to be sold at a young age by their father to a distant, unknown village in Yemen for a certain sum of money. They are tricked, thinking they are leaving for a six-week vacation, where actually they are trapped, married at ages 15 and 16 to two Yemini boys. They are forced to work in awful conditions, have children from men they hate, take care of everyone around them, and be beaten nearly on a daily basis by their 'owners'. Zana is a fighter, however, and she does everything she can to escape from this hell and go back to England.
    Things like this, the awful mistreatment, slavery (not just sex-slavery) and awful living conditons, DO in fact happen in countries like Yemen, Jordan and others. This is a great way of telling a true story, and still keeping the reader glued to his seat with his eyes bulging out at the book, amazed by what he is reading.
    Zana Muhsen is a woman we should all admire - she was forced to change her life style and entire perception of life almost instantly. She is what kept her sister alive, the inspiration that we should all look up to for never giving up. No one should shy away from this book - it is a must.

  • heartbreaking
    From Amazon

    Great book!
    so sad, it's hard to believe that at this day and age, people are sold by their own parents.
    Highly recommended

  • Good Read
    From Amazon

    This book is very interesting and unbelievable that things like this can happen in a muslim country. How can religious men pass these two young girls as being wifes to those Yemen men without them saying 'they do' three times and how such comunities allow people to get away with this.
    This book is gripping and encourages the reader to read on and on until the there is a happy ending. There is still no happy ending until Nadia is freed from the Yemen with her children.

  • An equally riveting and sad saga...
    From Amazon

    I really enjoyed this book. The book that I read was just republished in the UK this year (2006), however I do not believe it included any new information. I read it in about 3 sittings which usually doesn't happen because I am way too busy, but this book was very enthralling.

    The author describes how her father sold both her and her sister into Yemeni slavery. Ms. Muhsen describes how difficult her life was while she was a slave in Yemen. It was a miracle that she was able to get out. But she was forced to leave behind her son and sister.

    It is very disappointing that this tragic story is not uncommon. The only thing that is uncommon about her story was that Ms. Muhsen and her sister are both British citizens, and the author thankfully was able to get out.

    My only brief complaints are that the book was very crudely written. The author took very little care to ensure a level of continuity, and there were also several grammatical errors.

    I look forward to reading the author's follow-up book!


  • Both interesting and frustrating, but poorly written.
    From Amazon

    Two British teenage girls born to Yemeni parents, who don't speak Arabic, are tricked by their sleazebag father and spineless mother into taking a "vacation" to Yemen to meet their extended family and get in touch with their heritage. The father sells his unsuspecting daughters as brides to a couple of jerks they've never met. They are forced to live in an isolated mountain village and suffer daily abuse.

    I was frustrated by how little blame was assigned to the mother who was basically a passive participant. The mother had a total of seven children and the father had pulled the exact same kidnapping vacation subterfuge stunt years earlier with the older children.

    Eventually, international efforts are mounted to rescue the two sisters who by now are mothers. The Yemeni government finally allows them to leave, but not with their children! They are also forced to undergo a waiting period and pregnancy tests to make sure they are not absconding with any Yemenite embryos. I bought this book in the airport in Kuala Lumpur and oddly it said on the cover, "not for sale in America."

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