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بالهنا و الشفا

by Paul Findley
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  • Publisher: Amana Books
  • Publishing date: 01/05/2001
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781590080009
  • ISBN: 1590080009


SILENT NO MORE; Confronting America’s False Images of Islam

In his recently released book Silent No More: Confronting America’s False Images of Islam, Paul Findley, a 22-year veteran of Congress, chronicles his long, far-flung trail of discovery through the World Of Islam: the false stereotypes that linger in the minds of the American people, the corrective actions that the leaders of America’s seven million Muslims are undertaking, and the community’s remarkable progress in mainstream politics.

It is an indispensable source for Muslims and for anyone who speaks, writes, or worries about human rights, interfaith harmony and global cooperation. With precise citations, Findley, a Christian, debunks in his narration, the stereotypes of Islam. The author of four other books, two of them on the Arab-Israeli conflict, Findley draws on his decade-long experience as the senior Republican on the House of Representatives subcommittee on the Middle East, his personal knowledge of the region and its leaders, as well as his nationwide acquaintance with U.S. Muslims.

He writes: “Most Americans have never read a verse from the Qur’an, nor met a person they knew to be Muslim. Their distorted images of Islam come from snippets of television news and headlines that falsely link Islam with terrorism and the degradation of women. They have no awareness of Islamic principles and beliefs—monotheism, peace, charity, compassion, interfaith tolerance, women’s rights—common principles that should bind Muslims, Christians, and Jews together.” The book is published by Amana Publications and is available from the publisher or the main bookstores such as, Barnes and Nobles and Borders.

Quotes from Silent No More: The partisan arena: “After being quietly on the sidelines for years, [Muslims] are gaining prominence in government and demonstrating skill in politics. They are getting elected to public office, helping other candidates win, providing leadership in political party and government policy activities, and establishing a presence in the judicial branch of government.” [See page 221]

Bloc voting success: In November 7, 2000 presidential voting, “Muslims were the main new political element in Florida, whose twenty-five electoral votes finally settled the outcome of one of the most protracted presidential contests in history…. Bush benefited substantially from Muslim bloc voting. Florida Muslims provided him with a net margin that exceeded 60,000 votes, sixty times his winning margin.” [See pages 268-269]

“Muslim bloc voting brought about a major alteration of the American political landscape…. During the year, over seven hundred Muslims sought election as candidates…. One hundred and fifty-two were victorious…. In major political campaigns of the future, every serious contender for a major office will seek an interview with Muslim leaders. As Albert Gore lists errors in his presidential campaign, his failure to reschedule his cancelled date with [national Muslim] leaders may head the list.” [See pages 271-272]

“The Muslims who are engaged in organizational and public policy activities have made impressive strides in interfaith understanding, but they constitute only a small fraction of Islam’s community in America.” [See page 218] Findley’s advice to Muslims: “They must defend their faith aggressively and publicly against misconceptions and misrepresentations, especially those expressed by professed Muslims. Muslims should identify themselves publicly with Islam and seek ways to present the truth about their faith to non-Muslims…. Muslims can display their religious affiliation modestly but effectively by wearing a lapel pin, necklace, or ring that displays the word Allah, star-and-crescent, or some other visible linkage with Islam. [As a result of this display] their own good behavior and worthy accomplishments will be identified with Islam.” [See pages 282-284] “At present, television audiences identify only one person, Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, as a national Muslim leader, even though the majority of mainline Muslims do not accept him as such. That fact alone should summon U.S. Muslims to identify, train, and support followers of Islam who can become nationally recognized and respected.”

[See page 281 Malcolm X: In a previously unpublished chapter in the life of a famous Muslim, a foreign student at Dartmouth College successfully challenged Malcolm X “to reject anti-white racism and black separatism [and join mainstream Islam], then provided support when the controversial Black leader became engulfed in the national hysteria that followed the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.” [See page 187] Stereotypes: “Only in America is Islam closely… linked in the public mind with terrorism. The stereotype exists beyond our borders, of course, but nowhere else has it flourished in recent years with comparable intensity and persistence.” [See page 279] “Islam may be the single most liberating influence on the status of women in recorded history, greater than Christianity or Judaism…. Any form of female oppression violates the doctrines and rules of Islam. Most discrimination arises from brutish customs and male chauvinism, not from the Qur’an or the Sunnah [the traditions and customs of Prophet Muhammad]” [See page 127]

“Most Americans, I fear, have been beguiled into the mistaken belief that Muslims would like to institute a form of government that would be abuse to non-Muslims and impair cherished principles in our society. Unfortunately, some of these who are beguiled are influential…. [Stereotypes] cause discomfort, distrust, anxiety, even fear, and sometimes they lead to violence. In Washington, they create an unfortunate atmosphere in which legislation harmful to civil liberties is enacted. They promote a bias in foreign policy that tarnishes America’s worldwide reputation and seriously impairs our nation’s ability to provide effective leadership for human rights, and not just for Muslims.”

[See page 16]

“For years, U.S. Muslims have endured religious discrimination, some of it violent. Even the non-physical abuse has been painful: taunts, ridicule, anonymous phone calls, job discrimination, racial profiling, delays at airports for questioning, and even the indignity of strip searches by customs officials. Until recently, Muslims have not responded to abuse in an organized way. In fact, they had little organization for any purpose.” [See page 187]

Who is to Blame? “Much of the blame must be placed on certain Muslims: those who create inaccurate and unsettling visions of the type of government and society Muslim wants to establish; those who commit acts of religious intolerance and other un-Islamic misdeeds in the name of their religion; and those who hear or see reports of such misbehavior by professed Muslims without speaking out in protest.” [See page 109] Findley writes that some misguided supporters of Israel nurture these stereotypes, believing they form a strong underpinning of U.S. public support for Israel in its struggle with Palestinians, but he finds that not all Jews are hostile toward Muslims: “When the Islamic Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado, was ransacked and damaged, Rabbi Jack Gabriel was the first to show up with a hammer to help make repairs. When the mosque in Springfield, Illinois, was set afire, Rabbi Barry A. Marks arrived the next morning to offer help and participate there in an interfaith service.” [See page 280]

-0- ]…. Islam may be the single most liberating influence on the status of women in recorded history, greater than Christianity or Judaism.”

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  • Muslims and America.
    From Amazon

    "Silent No More" depicts the reactions of Muslims in America, a natural reponse to the actions and prejudices of American administration in the form of Patriot Act. American concept of Islam is based on the reactionary activities of Muslims' behavior and consequently the false image presented by the news media. American people know Muslims as presented in the media and not by the historical truth of Islam in the religious literature. When we talk of Islam, we actually talk of Muslim behavior. And the Muslim behavior must be studied in the same manner as we study the behavior of other freedom fighters, known by their states and governments as terrorist. The book, in my opinion, is a helpful roadmap for American Muslims to get a significant place in the political and social life of America.

  • after congress, lobbyist
    From Amazon

    he should become a leftwing dem. id like to show up at his door to sell him something. what a gull. hes now prolly the leading special interest flak for islam. i consider him an enemy of america. why hasnt he come out w. a post 911 book. i call him paul fiddley. hes quite a fiddler. as gullible as lincoln steffens visiting the soviet union. a mental lightweight w. only a ba degree. presbyterian background. they think they are the chosen ones & can run circles around jews. makes no mention of slavery in the current lands of islam

  • Inferior Publication
    From Amazon

    Another Islamic Puppet, a typical American ignorant, manipulated by Islamists and Muslims, who used by Muslims and criminals alike, forwards the Islamic heinous agenda against all infidels, in order to take over the western civilization, its culture and obviously financial assets. Another corrupted congressman or simply a poor thing who doesn't know the evil satanic monster, it is being manipulated by. Republican , sure - ))))))) "Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." Omar Ahmad- Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR)

  • False Security
    From Amazon

    This book does not explain how an Imam from England can say, 'If Allah tells me to condemn terrorism, I will condemn terrorism"! This book does not explain that while not all Muslims are terrorist, most terrorist are Muslims! This book truly is trying to lull Americans into a false since of Security.

  • Breaking the misconception!
    From Amazon

    Mr. Findley has done an excellent job in writing this book. He does confront the false images that one has of Islam. I love the way he showed how he himself was raised with such a lack of correct understantding of the Muslim faith to how his interactions with other Muslims changed his perceptions. Obviously this book will not address all the misconceptions that people have of Islam. This however is a very nice approach. There are other great book which discuss about Islam such as books by Yahiya Emerick, or Hamza Yusuf. This book is a great first step that one can take to have a correct understanding of this beautiful faith which most of us despise because of our ignorance.

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