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      Rumi: The Book Of Love: Poems Of Ecstasy And Longing: The Book Of Love - Poems Of Ecstasy And Longing

      by Coleman Barks
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: HarperOne
      • Publishing date: 01/02/2005
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780060750503
      • ISBN: 0060750502


      Now in paperback, this is the definitive collection of America's bestselling poet Rumi's finest poems of love and lovers. In Coleman Barks' delightful and wise renderings, these poems will open your heart and soul to the lover inside and out.

      'There are lovers content with longing.

      I'm not one of them.'

      Rumi is best known for his poems expressing the ecstasies and mysteries of love of all kinds – erotic, divine, friendship –and Coleman Barks collects here the best of those poems, ranging from the 'wholeness' one experiences with a true lover, to the grief of a lover's loss, and all the states in between: from the madness of sudden love to the shifting of a romance to deep friendship – these poems cover all 'the magnificent regions of the heart'.

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      • Perfect
        From Amazon

        As with all Rumis poetry and Coleman Barks translations this is a goose bump inducing beauty. I love Rumi and this is no exception.

      • Soul delicacy
        From Amazon

        This has been my favorite book for years - it can transport me into another world as nothing else that I know of... This is as good as it could ever get or even better ;)Everything you ever need to know to live and love life.. is there :D

      • Like trying to condense the ocean into a review form......
        From Amazon

        How can I put into words the absolute wordless dimension this collection of poems creates within me?

        The commentaries and introduction sections by Coleman Barks are valuable as well beyond words.

        The reader would gain insights simply by picking it up and thumbing to any page and just read, read! My daughter and I tried this, we would bring up topics and then say "And what does Rumi say?" and I would read whatever the first words were that I saw in front of me.

        They were always universally fitting.

        I loved it, just like I love this book.

        Wordless, speechless, love-filled - inspired.

      • Beautiful
        From Amazon

        Rumi needs no praise from me and Barks' translation is beautiful, mysterious, and urgent. I find his introductions to the many sections especially moving. My only problem is that I ordered the book after I bought Barks' "The Essential Rumi," which changed me. This book has many overlaps. I'd have preferred to see more original translations, but as a first introduction, you can do no better.

      • There Is Some Kiss We Want
        From Amazon

        Coleman Barks once again translates the words of Rumi with respect, good nature, a bit of humor, and a deep understanding of this 13th century mystic and poet. A renowned poet and something of a mystic himself, Coleman Barks leads us through his book as a constant and caring companion. He begins each chapter with his own touching stories, guidance, and expert explanations for the material he lays out. One simply cannot come away from this book without having some sincere appreciation for the devotion and dedication Coleman Barks has for another poet's words.

        In "Rumi: The Book Of Love: poems of ecstasy and longing", we are led deep into the regions of the soul, where love is both Universal and Divine. It is a love that beckons us to shed our own image and concepts of ourselves, in exchange for a love that is so vast and joyful, its eloquence can only be experienced rather than explained.

        How can we know the divine qualities from within? If we only know through metaphors, It's like when children ask what sex feels like and you answer, "Like candy, so sweet." (88)

        Rumi seems to realize mankind is comprised of many faiths, and he mentions many of them with dignity and respect. Yet Rumi's own experience takes him beyond religion, even his own. He often exchanges the word "God" with "Friend", and refers to himself and others who have achieved his enlightened state as "Lovers".

        Rumi's words and sublime wisdom ring true for us, as he shares his knowledge of the God-Friend in a both Universal and personal message. We are extremely fortunate to have the poetry of this selfless and compassionate mystic reach us through the fragile, and often forgetful, span of time. Because through Rumi's poetry, we seem to hear our own soul's call and longing to gently open like a beautiful and fragrant flower, and laugh with a tender and colorful sweetness.

        There is some kiss we want with our whole lives,
        the touch of spirit on the body (33)

        Brian Douthit
        Author Of Perfectly Said: when words become art

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