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Rules Of The Game

by Neil Strauss
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  • Publisher: It Books
  • Publishing date: 01/11/2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780061911699
  • ISBN: 0061911690


Neil Strauss, the New York Times bestselling author of The Game, presents Rules of the Game:

I. The Stylelife Challenge
Master the Game in 30 Days

II. The Style Diaries
The Pickup Artist's Companion

Questions for Neil Strauss Yours has to be one of the strangest career paths in the book business: from rock critic at the New York Times, to cowriter of memoirs with rockers and porn stars, to bestselling seduction guru. Do you ever wonder how you got from point A to point Z?

Strauss: Oddly, I never do. Instead, I wonder why it took me so long to get to point Z. And then I wonder if people are going to stick with me when I go to point whatever-is-after-Z next. I guess that would be point AA--which, come to think of it, I've already been to with Dave Navarro while writing his book. You write in the introduction to Rules of the Game that you thought The Game was your "last word on the subject," and you were ready to get on with your life. But, like Michael Corleone, you got pulled back in. Why was it so hard to leave?

Strauss: Good simile. Someone else compared it to Donnie Brasco. There's something about the seduction community that sucks people in. I've seen college kids drop out of school; doctors quit their jobs; and celebrities take huge career risks to pursue this knowledge.

It may be because, according to the Kinsey Institute, most men think about sex every two minutes. But our society has never given them tools to safely fulfill these desires. Once they find out there's a way to learn to be more successful with women--and see evidence that it works--they tend to dive in headfirst. Perhaps because, when it comes down to it, this is why we're really here. Do you meet women who have read The Game? What do they think? And with the thousands of people out there you have trained and the many more thousands who have read the book, are women starting to recognize the strategies? Do they ever say, "Hey, you're playing the Game on me"?

Strauss: I've run into some women who've read the book to learn about the male mind, and they've all been positive about it--the book, that is, not the male mind. It's the women who've heard of the book but haven't read it who want to burn it.

And actually, a guy at a book signing the other day told me he got caught using one of the openers. But he still walked away with her phone number. His advice: on the rare chance that it happens, don't get scared and scamper off. Instead, use it as an opportunity to start a conversation about the game itself and whether it works. If they've read the book, this obviously means they're interested in the subject--and now you both have something in common. Rules of the Game is actually two books: the Stylelife Challenge and the Style Diaries. The first book is pretty straightforward: a 30-day plan for "Mastering the Game." But the second one is not what you'd expect in a self-help book. Can you explain what it is and why you included it?

Strauss: I didn't want to just give people a self-help book, and promise that their life will be sunshine and unicorns forever. I wanted them to know that with knowledge and power come a new set of challenges and problems. So the black book contains seduction stories from the dark side of the game, and the fact that, as the German director Fassbinder put it, "We were born to need each other, but we still haven't learned how to live with each other." Part of the story of The Game was the tension of what happens, after you've become proficient at the Game, when you find someone you love. Is that the point: to go from player to lover (or, ulp, husband!)? How do you do that? Or does playing the Game become its own end for some people?

Strauss: If you master the game, then you also must master your own fears and insecurities. And overcoming these destructive traits can only help you have healthier relationships. That said, the downside to learning the game and then falling in love is that you have to be strong, because there are a lot more options than there once were. So for readers who are having trouble: the secret to monogamy is realizing that the fantasy of being with someone else is usually better than the reality. You can't do better than love.

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  • Very confusing for the beginner
    From Amazon

    This book is just not for the beginner as it contains difficult and impractical advice. How can you change your personality from shy to outgoing in a month. This book tells you to get out and approach women at random but also tells you to get rejected as frequently as possible. I do not know if it would be easy for any man to accept a lot of rejection in a month. It can actually make the person feel more depressed and hopeless. I do not think this sort of rapid approach can work for the average man - I would rather go for natural approach like building trust and relationship though gradual intimacy and bonding. I am more in favour of natural seduction and not pickup routines. I have found one book particularly helpful for the beginners. It is called How to win girls and influence women How to Win Girls & Influence Women: Easy Guide for Beginners. I have liked it because it is more suited to my personality and probably most average men. I do not like to be rejected and this books approach is slow natural seduction and it gets me more positive response from women. At the end of the day it is up to the reader to decide.

  • Get it
    From Amazon

    Awesome stories in The Style Diaries, and the 30 day program helped me clean up my PUA act.

  • Life Changing.
    From Amazon

    Ive done the Stylelife challenge before and it changed my life. i got this new one cuz i wanted the routines manual. if you ever need something to say to grab anyones attention this book will fix that!

  • Presenting Yourself Well
    From Amazon

    Neil Strauss has compiled the best possible "game plan" for anyone trying to improve their social skills; not just with the ladies, but in business situations as well. This is an engagingly pragmatic bundle of information, with a solid foundation of common sense. The bonus for society comes from having fewer self-absorbed windbags floating around; not to mention less insecure weasels helplessly scurrying around, irritating everybody they come in contact with. What Stauss has done is provide the reader with a simple, almost fool-proof way to present themselves in the most favorable light, in any situation. This is great advice, not just for those desperate bachelors trying to score; but for any person trying to get the most out of life.

  • more than just beciming a PUA
    From Amazon

    Although the book is focused on becoming a successful pick up artist, it actually is a well written relationship primer on interrelation dynamics regardless of gender and scenario. The book is divided into three sections. The first "The Stylelife Challenge" consists of breaking bad habits and replacing them with good routines. This needs to occur over thirty days so as Mr. Strauss points out follow the instructions strictly and read each day the applicable section over the month in order to kick out the bad and bring in the win. The second chapter "The Routines Collection" is perhaps the most applicable to the male PUA as it describes different pick up scenarios. To us targets, this section is amusing as women will recognize some of the trite devil spawned pick up tries and some new at least to this retired target. The third and final chapter "The Style Diaries" once again is useful to kick any bad habit as keeping score is critical regardless whether it is to meet women or diet. Not for everyone but more than just for those penis envy wanting to play the Game played at the level of a master PUA, Rules of the Game gives easy to read and applicable tips though difficult to achieve dynamics. A successful relationship depends on get ridding of the bad habits by replacing them with good ones. Mark Twain said: "It's easy to stop smoking. I stopped a thousand times." Harriet Klausner

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